~ July 10th, 2019 ~

Sylvester & Kayla.png

Sylvester and Kayla join the party!

I'm okay. Moreover, Elements lives! Didn't mean to scare anybody or anything like that. Just please don't be alarmed if further updates are more erratic. Rest assured, this is what I'm doing, even if I habitually disappear for months at a time. :P

Anyhow, Sylvester and Kayla will join the party in the town of Natesboro, on the island of Haine. As you can see, they espouse a Western motif, like Nathan and Trevor in the first game. Will Sylvester employ his Roundhouse Kick and stare enemies into submission? Or will Kayla blow them away before he even gets the chance to do anything? You decide!

In the original story (that is, "Archival E2" before it became a game), the islands of Haine and Alavon were joined together, like Fiyara and Glymac, so the player was able to visit Haine and recruit these two characters far earlier on; a hint of this remains in some NPC text in Nanabash. Kayla was originally the one who captured monsters (with her lariat), instead of Raya. This would mean you'd have the ability to recruit monsters much earlier in the game, which probably would've made more sense from a design standpoint (instead of having to backtrack for all the monsters in Alavon, Winstar, and Cambria). But I felt, from the perspective of the story, that it was better for the Haine arc to be pushed back. That's why I shifted the monster-catching ability to Raya; it wouldn't even be implemented yet, otherwise. Besides, the early game of E2 is busy enough as is! XD

So here's to swifter progress from here on out. As always, no guarantees! But I give you my love, nevertheless. :)

Hugs and kisses,

~ Jer


~ March 28th, 2019 ~


Thank you kindly for permitting me this hiatus. The donation thing was a bust, but don't feel bad or anything like that. Just two very good friends were kind enough to oblige me, and I'd just as readily give it back to them.

Admittedly I've been dealing with a lot lately, and I needed time to fall back and reorganize my approach, as the current one wasn't really working for me. I might have been making "good progress," but behind the scenes my life was falling apart. Anyway, I can't imagine having gone on without the insight I've gained. Growth in suffering, and all. But as it turns out, my own work was there for me all along! And so was God.

When I return, things will be different. But one thing will never change: the passion I have for the mission I was put on this earth to accomplish. To whom it may concern, a tool is a tool. It's not about the tool, it's how you use it. I've always made use of the most basic tools at my disposal to facilitate my self-expression, because I personally feel that they are enough for me. I do not have extravagant needs, nor does my work demand extravagant resources (except perhaps my own time).

In any case, the future has quite frankly never looked brighter! So you just look forward to it, and I'll do the same. Promise?

With all my love,
Stay eccentric!


~ March 7th, 2019 ~


This is all Manny & Jorge's fault


So I figured, even if there's nothing new to report, I could at least post just to let you know I'm still alive. And as you can see from the whacked-out screenshot above, I'm in the mood for a few confessions. So this happened because the Green color scheme of the Party House uses the same tileset as Manny & Jorge's Newsstand, and when I made that, I overwrote the blank tile that allows the carpet parallax BG to be visible... then neglected to check back at the Party House to make sure it didn't screw anything up. Which it did. Sorry about that! Any color but green still works fine, though. The kicker is that green is the default color for the house in Winstar, so... it doesn't make a very good "first impression"! XD

There are a few other glaring issues of which I've made note:

- There's a graphical quirk where the overlay for the teleport map remains while on the world map (and elsewhere). In most cases this can be fixed by using Teleport again to refresh the display.

- The fireballs in the corridor leading to Fire Shard B in Castle Dragonheart don't really move any slower on Easy Mode (like, 15 frames of a second... worthless!).

- Captured monsters have fairly low stats and are hard to build up. Of course, I've since rectified this, but it's not been integrated into the current release.

- Lala can learn Explode from the Land Mine, but the Enemy Encyclopedia doesn't show it.

- I've been told, though was unable to replicate it myself, that there's a glitch when exiting Sigil Scramble that sticks you in a dark void with nowhere to go. If this happens, just close the window and reload your last save. The menu is disabled, so thankfully you can't save your game like this and be stuck there forever.

...So if you were tripped up by any of these, I apologize. As a token of goodwill, I'd like to include a few samples of upcoming music in the game!

  Underwater Theme

  Triton's Tower

  Town of Natesboro


~ February 7th, 2019 ~

Monique & Raya.png


Nothing new to report, so... here's Monique and Raya. Happy early Valentine's Day? I've actually been very busy conceptualizing matters pertaining to another installment, and while I'd love to share them with you, it would of course have no context in the current story and furthermore complicate/confuse things. But it should surely inspire new motivation to get there, on my part.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed or are still enjoying E2 so far, knowing that this crazy aimless open-ended plot must be brought to a resolution somehow... and a particularly mindblowing resolution, at that!

~ December 19th, 2018 ~

A humble tribute


~ December 1st, 2018 ~

The Son of Tuna


Today I would like to showcase a new area, the Convent of Resurrection. This place was mentioned by name in the original game, but you never ventured there.


It uses the same music as the shrine near Glymac where Maire learns Teleport, so combined with the dim lighting and soft glow of the torches, it exudes a solemn, yet serene atmosphere.


It's actually not mandatory to visit, though of course there are goodies to find and tidbits of wisdom to be gained by talking to the nuns.


Wait a minute, that statue... could it be!?


Yep, it's dear old Sybil. Her story was vaguely connected to this place in the original, so it was a great opportunity to create a new sprite for her in the new graphical style. Several other characters have gotten the "immortal" treatment so far (including Karma, though not actually as a statue), so why not sweet little Sybil, too?


Now this is interesting...

Th-This... couldn't possibly have any historical relevance, could it?



One more thing:

Cloe is so mean.

~ November 3rd, 2018 ~

Chillin' at Sequoia's


~ October 5th, 2018 ~

E2: Episodes 1-5 Released!!

View the Episode 5 changelog here.


So, what's to get excited about in Episode 5? A new Arena Challenge (finally!), further development for Maire, Simon the Lich in the flesh (err, bones?), Glymac University Park at long last, and... maybe even a new, better method of sea travel!? But don't hold your breath... not just yet. ;)


You'll actually enter Episode 6 when you reach the end of the new content, but there are no battles in the outer sea yet, and while you can sail all over the world now, you generally can't enter any new areas (with a few small exceptions), nor are there any new events in older areas... as they haven't been made! So while you'll probably be dying to rush back to Winstar and see what that's all about, it'll be of no avail for the time being.


But if you sail south of Glymac, to that lone shrine on the little island, you can grab a little something special for Maire. And of course, you can return to previous locations to wrap up any unfinished business. However, when you enter Episode 6, you'll no longer gain Friendship, Attribute, or Rune Integration points by fighting enemies, so beware.


I've also hidden one more little present for you somewhere in the world... see if you can find it! ;)


So if you're ready for some serious story, more of those lovely illustrated cutscenes and some of the most brutally difficult boss battles yet... dive in!


With my most fiery, passionate, eternal love,
~ Jeremy


PS: When you get to the pharmacy in Fiyara, make as many Refreshers as you can afford; you won't regret it. Hyper Blends are also nice, but mark my words!