Episode 5 - Changelog


- There was a very strange glitch when Raya joined the party, with Tatiana's name being displayed instead and no character image at all, culminating in a crash. There were also some reports of crashes due to missing sound files, and these should now be fixed.


- Added a new option: Autobattle Type. Now, if you so choose, Ananda will no longer kill herself at 100 FP. Enjoy!


- Increased the drop rate of the Sluggards' shells and the four Elementals' special items (for the sidequests).


- The Dragonblade's attack power was increased by 10 points. Barely noticeable, but I noted it just because.


- Similarly, the Saint Slacks now boost Recovery Rate by 15% instead of 5%.


- Mythril weapons have been powered up by 20 points. Their monetary value was increased proportionately.


- Mind Boosters now boost maximum EF by 20 instead of 10.


- Osmosis/Reverse Osmosis now exchange 10 FP/EF instead of 5.


- Also, some of the stat-growth/level-up items were enhanced (in both good and bad ways). These include the Pacifier, Lovebug Tattoo, Goldenrod Staff, and so on.


- The healing effects of Anahata and Coco Milk were powered up, as were the combined food items you can create at the Party House.


- The EF- and HP-boosting effects of fruit and veggies, respectively, now last for the rest of the battle (or until the character under the effect is knocked out).


- You now steal the Milky Stone from the Rukh, rather than the Pink Stone (because an upcoming enemy will have the Pink Stone to steal).


- Bushwhack now has a higher steal rate. This should've been the case all along, sorry about that. Stealing in general is now slightly more accurate, too.


- The Enemy Encyclopedia now displays the hidden items you can steal from bosses (in green).


- Blades of Wrath now deals Iron-elemental damage (so it can be resisted with the appropriate equipment and/or barriers).


- And speaking of that, Iron equipment (that is, armor forged from Iron Ore) now increases resistance to Iron-elemental attacks such as Blades of Wrath. So the stuff you find in Tiergan's tower is now actually useful for fighting the Star-Crossed Sorcerer on Mt. Gareth (among other things).


- Roaring no longer has a 100% chance of stunning your entire party.


- Glasses (the Black Shades and Mirror Specs) are now classified as headwear, so they go in that slot rather than the one for accessories. If you had them equipped, they'll be moved to your inventory and you'll have to re-equip them in the proper slot.


- Renamed the "Earrings" equip slot to "Ears". Because now there's an item that goes there that's not earrings. :P


- Flame Swoop now runs on EF instead of FP.


- You can now see exactly how much Pepp Pep you've bought in the Party Ball records.


- The Salamander now learns Burning Beam and Heat Wave in captivity. If it's past the level at which it would ordinarily learn them, just check your records with Chibi in the Party Ball, and they'll be added. Also, the Harpy gets Fell Wind, the Garuda gets Tornado Blade, the Deadbat gets Flame Swoop and Thunder Swoop, the Gnome gets Rock Spike and Tremor, the Sylph gets Zap, the Undine gets Healing Water, the Dryad gets Sunbath, and Missy Medusa gets Cold Stare. Same deal with talking to Chibi applies to those as well.


- The Sluggard now learns Shell Spin when it gains a shell. Unlike the previous additions, this is automatic.


- As the world is now (almost) completely open to you, Flight Mode has served its purpose and has thus been retired.


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