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Table of Contents

Section 0: Core Systems

Section 1: Cloudy Skies Ahead (Circlet, Seaside Cave, Alavon Meadow, Royal Road, Alavon, The Scourge)

Section 2: A Royal Investigation (Nanabash River Valley, Nanabash, Lake Cave, Mt. Loki, Alavon Forest, Southport, Wreckers, Arean Mercenary Guild)
Section 3: For Zoe (Ashe, Dysis, Valley of the Dead, City of the Dead, Citadel of the Dead, Byzou)
Section 4: Isle of Wind (Winstar, Winstar Forest, Maire’s House, Drafty Rift, Cait Sith Village, Tiergan, Mt. Gareth, Star-Crossed Sorcerer)
Section 5: The Girl with Gifted Hands (Solomon, Great Wetlands, Tuna, Hobo Island, Snapdragon, Aquarius Cave, Nepenthes, Loka Monastery)

Section 6: The Conflict in Fiyara (Hai, Fiyara Forest, Behgar Jungle, Mt. Golgotha, Castle Dragonheart, Fiyara Desert, Fiyara, Mt. Marine, Border Bridge, Glymac University Park, Glymac Forest, Glymac, Glymac Mines)

Section 7: Noble of the Sea (Shrine, Elysium Falls, Sequoia's Cave, Convent of Resurrection, Natesboro, Nathan's Pass)

Appendix A: Attribute Test Results, Attribute Modifiers, Attribute Advisory
Appendix C: Combos & Skill Learning from Friendship (Ep1+2 only)
Appendix E: Enemy Type Weaknesses

Appendix F: Feeding (captured monsters)

NOTE: You may want to give the “Attribute Advisory” in Appendix A a look before taking Doyle’s test early in the game.

Section 0:
~Core Systems~

Your success in Elements II largely depends on your ability to think ahead and strategically manipulate the game’s unique systems to your advantage. But the beast bites back, I’m afraid, so you’d better heed my tips.

Sleeping 24 Hours A Day Is Not Healthy For You
You may find it very easy to abuse the days of the week by staying at Inns an infinite number of times. However, this may cause more damage than you can ever recover from, as your Sloth attribute rises each time you stay at an Inn (or sleep anywhere, for that matter). I strongly discourage staying at Inns for an entire week all at once, just to make it a certain day; for example, if there’s a certain thing you wanted to do on that day, but forgot about it until it was too late. Saving the game often – and keeping backup saves – can help prevent this kind of situation. You may find Filetags useful for this reason.

Instead, make a note of all that you plan to do on any given day, and wait until that day comes to do it. Days also progress naturally in the course of the plot, so staying at Inns isn’t the only way to change the day of the week. Of course, this could also trip you up by throwing a monkey wrench into your carefully-scheduled plans.
It’s also okay to stay at an Inn to bypass one undesirable day (e.g. if it’s the Day of Fire when you’re going to Mt. Loki for the first time. Yeah… don’t do that), or if the next day will provide a particular advantage. It’s just that multiple Inn stays will really start to rack up your Sloth, and you generally don’t want that. Of course, you could also just do whatever you want, and see what happens; just be mindful of the potential repercussions.

The Dark Side of the Attributes – An Example
I did want to note one example of how your Attributes could go wrong. A friend of mine who played the game in an unfinished state some time ago found themselves in a terrible predicament where all their stats were super-high… except for their Attack, which was single-digit. Why? They fought many, many battles with just Sky and Monique, who both naturally contribute Compassion to the party. If you’re so compassionate, you’re not really going to want to go around hurting things, now are you? Not only that, but they also religiously prayed at church (no pun intended, nevermind yes it was) to keep their negative Attributes at an absolute minimum, including Bloodlust – which contributes to your Attack. Without even realizing it, they had turned their characters into pacifists. The more Sky and Monique fought, the less they wanted to… until they just didn’t care anymore.
Prior to that, this same friend approached me with concerns regarding the degeneration of their HP, and as it turned out, they had stayed at Inns to change the day of the week just a few times too many (see, I told you it isn’t healthy to stay in bed all the time).

But these problems really illuminated something to me. They helped me see just how balanced and even realistic the Attribute simulation is. We all possess both positive and negative attributes that define us as individuals. There’s no one who’s either all good, or all bad (well, maybe). And trying to change that would destroy us as autonomous entities, just as it destroyed my friend’s poor characters. If you take anything from this, let it be that Bloodlust might be the one “negative” Attribute you don’t want to pray down. But more than that, I hope it helps you realize just how important balance is. I know it did for me.

The school in Circlet has all the information you could ever want regarding the various Attributes and their complex relationships with each character’s stats.

Level-ups? What’s that?
I wanted to clarify something for people who may have been confused about this. Unlike most RPGs, leveling up isn’t as critical to power-building as you might think. In fact, the bulk of your stat gains come from the influence of the Attributes. Leveling up is important for increasing your HP (and perhaps EF) and learning new skills, but if you’re facing problems with a boss or other difficult situation and resort to level-building, don’t be discouraged when it seems you’re gaining experience at a slow rate. Your stats are constantly changing with each and every battle, and in fact it doesn’t take very long to become a little overpowered without even realizing it – even if you don’t actually gain any levels at all.

I conceived this system quite a long time ago, and was extremely pleased with how well it worked – too well, as a matter of fact, as I’ve had to “rein it in” more than once during development.

Section 1:
~Cloudy Skies Ahead~

Before doing anything (aside from waking up, that is), I recommend that you pop open the Options menu (just press the “O” key) and configure the game to your liking, if it isn’t already. Giving the Beginner’s Manual on the desk a look wouldn’t hurt, either (you’ll carry it in your inventory later, and can access it anytime by pressing the “M” key).
Check everything in Sky’s room, then proceed to explore the rest of your house. You’ll come to know and love Sky’s wonderful sense of humor (I think he takes after me). Granny will commission your first quest, a humbling quest indeed: A trip to the deli for some good old cow juice. Get on it, soldier! In the name of BREAKFAST!!

The town of Circlet provides multiple opportunities for your ethics (or lack thereof) to shine, both in your conduct and the way you respond to others’ questions. Be mindful of your words and actions!

There are lots of items to find lying around the town, but as you’ll learn in school, taking treasure from residential areas counts as stealing, and will therefore not only increase your Avarice, but decrease your Virtue (Avarice rises a little bit when you get non-residential treasure, too, but there’s no penalty to your Virtue in that case. You also gain Diligence either way). Another thing you’ll learn, however, is that you can pray at churches to decrease your negative Attributes (for an ever-increasing price, of course). Therefore, I personally condone grabbing everything you can, because you’re sure as heck going to need it. And if you wanna be really bad, you don’t even have to go to church at all. Ha!

You can also activate a couple of Quests by talking to certain people (press “Q” to quickly access the Quest menu). As for Slay the Sluggards and The Elementals, you’ll get a character later who can steal the required items, so you may opt to wait rather than fighting a billion battles hoping for drops.

Once you’ve returned to your house with the milk and progressed the story, you’ll be able to leave the town and get on with the game.

Seaside Cave
Technically, you can double back and go here right away (by staying at the Inn or sleeping in Sky’s bed for three days to make it the Day of Water), but I recommend waiting until you’ve gained a few levels and maybe another party member. But it’s totally up to you.

There’s lots of gold to find here, if you know where to look. You’ll slide down a sand stream above the cave when you try to cross it, then find Lead Boots in the “mezzanine” between the levels of the cave. Apart from their relevance here, they serve a useful secondary function: As they decrease your Agility to 1, you can therefore use them to engineer the execution of Combos. Not that you should walk around wearing them; equip them, mid-battle, only in the instance in which you wish to use them. Controlling the order in which Combos are executed can make all the difference and help you score bigger chains.

Once you figure out how to cross the sand stream, you’ll find Treasure Map #1 and Time Shard A on the other side. Follow the directions on the map (while on the world map) to find a whopping 1,000 gold. Oh, and be sure to equip Sky with the shard; it’ll grant him Elemental skills.

Alavon Meadow
When you’re ready to move on, head north of Circlet to Alavon Meadow. I recommend fighting at least until you reach Level 2; your HP will skyrocket the first few times you level up, and that’s really important. In addition to any restoratives you may have snagged in Circlet, you’ve been given three loaves of Fresh Bread for your journey (aren’t I generous?). Fresh Bread doesn’t just heal HP – it also gives your Defense a boost, which is very useful at this early stage of the game. All of the other food items at Delia’s have similar stat bonuses.

If it’s the Day of Water, you can find Mr. Fisher from Circlet by the pond. He’ll give you the Angler’s Bangle, an accessory that makes your physical attacks extra effective versus Aquans (like the Ugly Ducklings at the meadow or Fishmen and Kappa elsewhere). More useful than you’d think! On the Day of Air, Sylphs appear at the meadow. An item they drop is required for a Quest.

On the other side of the meadow, there are lots of places you can go, but that darned Alavon Safety Bureau is blocking most of them. That won’t stop you from entering a secret passage on the first floor of the Lake Cave and finding 500 gold and a Purple Stone that you can make into jewelry, though!

Also stop by the Saint’s River and talk to the girl there. Your Attributes will shift depending on how you reply to her question.

Royal Road
I recommend that you keep fighting here until you reach Level 3 (or Level 4 if you’re a bit more patient); if you’re lucky, you may win some nice items. Aside from that, there isn’t much to do here – just pass right on through and enter the town of Alavon. Oh, and activate the Plutonic Portal on your way in!

The people here don’t seem too friendly to outsiders… but
you gain Charisma (and sometimes Wisdom) with each person you talk to, so get chatting. One guy (on the east side of town, with brown hair) will only spill his guts if your Charisma is 20 or more, so remember where he is.

There’s a Quest where you play hide-and-seek with a little boy. Finding him the first two times is easy enough, but the third time is markedly trickier. I’ll give you a hint: He’s not actually in the main town area. Oh… was that too vague? Gee, um… I don’t know how else to put it without giving it away. He’s, uh… indoors. Does that work for ya?

In the school, search the bookshelves to find a Scroll of Promotion. This useful item raises a character’s level by one. I recommend using it on Sky to boost him to Level 4 or 5 (if you’ve done the little bit of leveling up that I suggested).

There’s lots of stuff you can steal in the church, but… that’s pretty terrible, isn’t it? Oh well, you can just pray away your sin at the altar in the sanctuary, so who cares. While you’re at it, search the middle of the Phoenix emblem on the carpet to find an ultra-rare (and ultra-valuable) Phoenix Feather. And don’t forget to rob the jugs lying around.
By talking to a certain person in the town, you’ll discover a way into the castle. In the secret passage that leads into the castle, keep heading up and pass straight through the wall to enter a secret room with a bunch of treasure. Equip Sky with the Bronze Sword and Chain Mail (unless you were somehow miraculously able to afford the Silver Sword and Salamander Mail from Alavon’s shops), then go back out into the main hallway and head left to meet a certain someone. I’ll leave you to figure out how to progress through this sweet little part of the story; don’t worry, it isn’t hard.

During the attack on Alavon, make good use of Monique’s Tend; it’s pretty cheap to use and restores about double the amount of regular Medicine. Attacking and Guarding builds your FP (which is what Tend and all other non-elemental skills run on).

Boss: The Scourge
Whoa, this dude. He hits pretty hard, so keep an eye on your HP. You’ll really want Sky to be Level 4 or 5 for this fight. Monique can deal equally good damage, but if your HP gets low, healing should be her first priority. Watch out for his multi-targeting Tail Whip. Guard if he builds power for the next attack; you might not survive otherwise.

After the fight with the Scourge, you’ll be given a character examination by Monique’s retainer, Doyle. This isn’t just about some paranoid little fat guy; your results seriously count, because they determine how your Attributes will develop from this point on. Answer honestly if you wish, or use this table to achieve your desired result:

Question 1
Yes: Valor/Imprudence/Bloodlust + 0.1
No: Cowardice/Wisdom/Compassion + 0.1


Question 2
Yes: Wisdom/Sloth + 0.1
No: Imprudence/Diligence + 0.1


Question 3
Yes: Compassion + 0.1
No: Avarice/Coldness + 0.1


Question 4
Yes: Diligence/Avarice + 0.1
No: Sloth/Charisma + 0.1


Question 5
Yes: Virtue/Coldness + 0.1
No: Bloodlust + 0.1


Question 6
Yes: Charisma/Cowardice + 0.1
No: Virtue/Valor + 0.1

Each answer adds a differential to the respective Attributes whenever they’re affected, positively or negatively. These numbers aren’t just a one-time thing; they’re added every time an Attribute changes, and it adds up over time. Unfortunately, you’ve got to take the good with the bad. Or just answer all “Yes” or all “No” and the Attributes will be neutralized. When you’re done with the test, go to the upper-rightmost part of town, where the garden with the scarecrow was. There’s now a break in the wall, and you can find a very valuable Leaf of Life beyond.

Section 2:
~A Royal Investigation~

After leaving Alavon with Sky’s new girlfriend, you’re able to enter the lower levels of the Lake Cave, an optional dungeon like the Seaside Cave. But you may want to hold off until you grab another party member over in the village of Nanabash. You can also return to Circlet and see an optional scene with Monique there; such optional scenes typically increase the involved characters’ Friendship points. Be aware that the day of the week will change after this scene.

Nanabash River Valley
Enemies are generally becoming thicker-skinned now, so watch yourself. You may want to stock up on some Antibiotics from the item shop in Alavon, as both Fishmen and Kappa can poison you with their physical attacks. Monique learns the valuable Detox skill at Level 6, but it might be a little while before she levels up. On the Day of Water, Undines appear in this area. They drop some interesting items, one of which is required for a Quest back in Circlet (the old lady who wants pieces of all the Elementals). Be aware that some enemy drops are rare.

After talking to a certain guy in Nanabash, you can find Water Shard A here. Walk down to the sandy riverbank and wait at the very left edge until a sparkle comes floating downstream. Grab it as it passes by the water’s edge. If you miss it, leave the area and re-enter, and try again. The shard will greatly, and I mean greatly increase Monique’s utility. How refreshing it is to flush a whole horde of enemies with a single magic spell! Just beware that some enemies absorb certain Elements (in this case, obviously aquatic enemies will absorb Monique’s Water-elemental attack magic).

As usual, talk to everyone and check all the boxes, barrels, and so on. You can find Treasure Map #2 here, which leads to a pair of Silver Earrings. There is a sequence consisting of four things you must do in order to progress the story here (the first three can be done in any order):

1.    Talk to the red-haired little girl who gives you candy.
2.    Try to stay at the Inn.
3.    Try to enter the house at the far northern end of the village.
4.    Talk to the blue-haired girl by the well.

After doing all this, a cutscene will play out, and you’ll have a new party member afterwards. Also, you can now raid that house where the crazy screaming woman was before. You can enter the well, as well – and on the Day of the Sun, the water level is lower, allowing you to descend further and find a Blue Stone. You’re keeping a list of all these special events on each day, right?

With Cloe now in your party (buy her a Boken, by the way), you can feel pretty confident about tackling the Lake Cave. Of course, there’s some other business you have to take care of first, but you’ll eventually find your way back there… You also might want to pay a visit to Autumn Hill, south of Nanabash. It’s a nice place.

Lake Cave
Make sure you have a decent supply of Antibiotics before coming here, as several enemies can poison you with their attacks. There are a couple of ice-sliding puzzles to get through, but they shouldn’t pose much trouble. Be sure to pick up all the gold, the Iron Ore, the Life Elixir, and… oh yeah, Ice Shard A. Give it to Cloe, and now you’ve got a deadly magical duo on your hands!

Mt. Loki
I highly recommend coming here on the Day of Water. Both Monique’s and Cloe’s magic will be powered up, and the enemies, otherwise positively brutal, will stand no chance (actually, their magic is powered up on the Day of the Moon, too, so that also works). Notably tough customers include Golems, who can fry you with lasers from their eyes, and Bull Boys, who have thicker hides than elephants. Use single-target magic against them, as it’s stronger/more concentrated. Makes sense, right?

Alavon Forest
Watch out for large groups of Bandits; they can steal a lot of your hard-earned gold very quickly. Acorn Archers very annoyingly inflict a variety of status ailments on you, and Chipmonks counterattack 20% of the time (but they only counter physical attacks, not magic). On the Day of Earth, Gnomes appear – another Quest-related enemy.
There’s a healing spring in the middle of the forest. And a couple secret passages through the dark grass (including one that leads to a Life Elixir), but you really should try to find them yourself. :p

“Sorta-Boss”: Cutterpillar
Okay… it’s a Cutterpillar… what!? But wait, hold on… it turns into a “Cutcoon” and regains all its health (and more), then emerges as a vicious Cutterfly. This little sucker means business. If it’s the Day of Water (or Moon), you’ll probably very easily take him down with Monique’s and Cloe’s magic. Otherwise, you might be in for a bit of a struggle (and if you have no magic at all, you probably don’t stand a chance).
The Cutterfly can attack twice per turn, stun you with Wing Scales, hit everybody at once with Leaf Storm, and incinerate a single character with Sunbeam. Um… good luck!

Ahh, the big city! If you’ve saved up a decent amount of cash (and assuming the Bandits in the forest didn’t steal all your money), you finally have the opportunity to upgrade your equipment, but spend wisely. Buying everyone a Battle Sash might help give your attacks more of an edge, but if you actually want new weapons, you’ll have to take it up with the Smith.

You should have at least a couple of Iron Ores and a Silver Ore by now, more if the Golems on Mt. Loki were nice to you (be sure to pick up the ore that’s glittering behind the Smith’s shop, by the way). Provided you can afford it, I highly recommend making the Silver Ore into a Silver Sword (or a Silver Spear, if you favor Monique; she can equip both, but the spear is stronger – and also a lot more expensive).

The people here have some helpful information for you. One girl (blonde, south edge), like the guy in Alavon, won’t talk unless your Charisma is at least 20. As always, raid every crate, barrel, and whatever else you can find; especially in the bar. You can also sell your soul and buy Pepp Pep from the “dealer” in the alley next to the bar. But I warn you, it’ll cost you… and not just gold.

There’s a Quest to bring a homeless woman and her two children food from Delia’s store, back in Circlet. Before you bemoan walking all the way back there, remember that there’s a Plutonic Portal right outside Southport that takes you directly to Circlet. Your reward is Treasure Map #3, which leads to a Rusty Sword 20 steps south of Mt. Loki (but of course, you can’t directly walk 20 steps south of Mt. Loki). This can be tricky to find, but just search the sand on the north side of Alavon Meadow, and you should find it pretty quickly. The Rusty Sword can be repaired by the Smith in Southport and becomes a Silver Sword – and it’s a lot cheaper than if you’d bought one in Alavon.

When you’re ready to move along with the story, talk to one of the guards near the Arena (which you can get to from the exit on the north side of town) and ask about the tournament. A cutscene will ensue.

Boss: Wreckers
This fight would be a heck of a lot tougher if your new buddy’s Agility wasn’t 1. Pathetic as that may seem, it actually works in your favor, because you need to engineer your attacks to kill the Wreckers in a certain order, and if you kill one out of order, another will explode and instantly kill you by dealing 9999 damage.
So have Sky attack Wrecker #1 and the stranger attack Wrecker #2 on the first turn, and so on. Higher-numbered Wreckers hit harder, but as long as your equipment is up-to-date, it shouldn’t be any trouble.

Arean Mercenary Guild
This next section is basically an interactive cutscene. Do check the drawers and bookshelves in the guild, though, whether you do it during or after the flashback. You can’t open the chests during the flashback, but you can afterwards (though half of them were already plundered). As Monique, talk to both Sky and Cloe, then enter the audience chamber to progress the scene.

There’s also a ghost here who asks for something warm. You don’t currently have it, but you can bring back either Fire Cloth or Salamander Skin, and she’ll trade either one of them for a Ghost Sash, which maximizes your Evasion, but creates a weakness to magic and brings your physical attack accuracy down to zero. It could be useful in the right situation, but the two items the ghost girl wants are materials that the Tailor in Alavon can use to make some great equipment. It’s up to you. You can return to the guild at any time using the Sea Behemoth (docked next to Southport after the events at the guild).

Section 3:
~For Zoe~

Now that you have four characters, you’ll probably start learning Combo skills at a faster rate. Realistically, there are ten Combos you can learn with the party you have so far (but technically there are three more; however, it would take a very, verrry long time to get them at this point). They are:

Rose Waltz: Sky/Monique @50
Martial Waltz: Sky/Monique @50; Valor @40; Diligence @30; Charisma @20; Bloodlust @10
Serenade: Sky/Monique @50; Charisma @20
Sakura Slash: Sky/Cloe @25; Valor/Diligence @10
Sword Cross: Sky/Leo @20
Sword Trine: Sky/Monique/Leo @30
Tetra Force: Sky/Monique/Cloe/Leo @40
Freezing Rain: Monique/Cloe @50; Wisdom @10
Steam Cover: Monique/Leo @50; Wisdom @10
Cold Blaze: Cloe/Leo @50; Wisdom @10

Remember, you can check your Friendship levels at any time in the Party Ball.
There are also some useful skills that the characters can learn from each other, including:

Chivalry: Sky learns this from Monique’s innate trait of Selflessness at 40 Friendship points. Leo learns it from Sky at 30 Friendship points, but you also need 20 points of Virtue.
Snooze: Sky learns this skill from Cloe if they have 25 Friendship points between them and your Sloth and Imprudence are both 10 or above (a rare case in which having negative Attributes comes in handy).
Retaliate: Sky learns Leo’s innate trait as a usable skill once they have 30 Friendship points between them and your Valor is at least 20.

Needless to say, the Day of Water is optimal for this leg of the journey. However, some treasure can only be gotten on certain days, so if you want to get everything, you’ll be making a couple of return trips… including *gulp* on the Day of Fire.
The enemies here can be vicious if you catch them in the wrong mood. Ambushes are particularly lethal.

On the Day of Water, much of the lava has cooled, and you can walk across it (that’s how you get the Pyrite near the entrance). But there’s also a treasure chest you can’t reach because the hardened lava has formed stalagmites in front of it (Fire Cloth, 4th floor west). On the Day of Fire, there’s a glowing heat in Ashe that constantly causes damage to you outside battle. The west-side third-floor maze is also very different, due to new pools of lava created by the heat. It’s also the only day on which you can get the treasure in the 3F W maze (a Red Stone).

From the entrance, there are two ways to go. Let’s go right first. When you get to the fourth floor, a wall of lava will rush at you from behind, and you’ll almost certainly fail to make it through on your first try (or three). But you can do it; I know you can. Believe in yourself. You have the power.

Okay, if you really can’t do it, just hit “O” and flip the game over to Easy Mode. The lava will move much slower. You gain five points of Diligence for making it through on Normal. Past the lava-maze is Fire Shard A. Equip it on Leo, but don’t count on it to be of much use here. Enter the Plutonic Portal to return to the entrance, and now take the left path. The third floor on the left side is a maze of alternating rows of flames. It’s great fun, and I really, really shouldn’t tell you the cheap trick to making it through. No… no, I won’t do that.

The floor beyond is filled with lava; every step causes damage. Especially nasty when compounded with the searing heat on the Day of Fire. What’s worse, the Salamander (one of the Elementals for that Quest) appears here – and only on the Day of Fire. You might think I’m just cruel, or evil, but I was nice enough to also put it in the bridge complex branching off this floor, where there’s no damaging lava to wade in. I accept your apology.

Up from the stairs leading down to the bridge complex is another “lava chase” segment, but this time a side-scrolling one (I was feeling super classic). Again, if you can’t take the heat, choose Easy Mode. You can always change back if you want. Again, you won’t gain any Diligence if you don’t do it the hard way. Past the lava chase section, activate the Plutonic Portal, make sure you’re fully healed and stocked, and if you dare, go on to face…

Boss: Dysis
You have to fight a group of Skullions before Dysis, but they shouldn’t pose much of a threat. If you want to blow all of Cloe’s FP, just use Titanic Tirade and it’ll probably kill them all instantly. But then you won’t have any FP going into the next battle…

Dysis has two forms (oops, spoilers), and if you’re adequately prepared, you should take down the first form fairly quickly. She can inflict a variety of status ailments on you, though – just don’t give her the chance. Hopefully you’ve learned a few Combos by now; make good use of them.

In the second battle, you’ll have an extra party member (oops, spoilers again?), and you’ll need him too. As if the epic music didn’t give it away, Dysis is the first real, big, “true” boss. She has a whopping 6,000 HP and a virtually limitless supply of EF to cast all her nasty spells as much as she wants. I highly recommend against facing her on the Day of the Moon, as her awful Abyss attack will be powered up double. And the Day of Fire’s a no-no, for obvious reasons. But wait, Fire is stronger on the Day of the Sun, too, even though Darkness is weaker… darn you, Dysis! So, uh, any of the other four days (Water, Air, Earth, or Aether) would be good.

Here’s where your Fever Bursts (100-FP moves) might really come in handy (except Cloe’s; Dysis is impervious to it). Sky might want to keep Dysis’ Agility down with his magic, and Twin Soul can help him stay on top of healing and maybe let him throw in an extra attack here and there, too. Dysis can also be Stopped, if you want to try that.

Leo’s Double Critical is a real killer, obviously, and Dash Attack is always handy because it lets him go first no matter what. If you’re in dire straits and Monique has 100 FP (don’t know how likely that is), you could try throwing up Last Defender at the cost of her life to give you some breathing room while you try to get back on your feet. Cloe’s Snooze is very useful for healing in a pinch, even though she goes to sleep for a turn. Remember also that Sky can learn this skill from her. And they’ll wake up with buffed stats to boot. It’s not likely that you’ll get to use the mystery man’s Fever Burst (Death Drive), but by some odd chance you do, it doubles his attack power (and makes him uncontrollable) at the cost of some HP each turn.

There are some critical items you’ll want for this fight. Assuming you haven’t already used them (please tell me you didn’t), the Leaf of Life, Hyper Blend, and Radiant Soma are great for party-wide HP recovery. Also be sure to have as many Pepp Peps as you can hold.

After (or should I say “If”?) you defeat Dysis, proceed to the room beyond. Run to the back and grab the Fafnir’s Ruby that’s glittering on the ground, then take the Eternal Candle from the chest on the podium.

Following Ashe, you can take the Arena Challenge in Southport. And it lives up to its name. Enemies’ HP is doubled, the rest of their stats greatly increased, and they come at you in hordes of five or more. Combos (particularly Monique’s and Cloe’s Freezing Rain) will be integral. You might want to attempt the Arena Challenge on the Day of Water (or Moon) if possible, to weaken the fire enemies that appear while maximizing your own strength.

On the other hand, the Fafnir’s Ruby you got in Ashe is the #1 best way to deal with the final formation in the Arena Challenge (two Cutterflies and a single Cutterpillar). Remember, one Cutterfly served as a miniboss before. Now there are two of them. And their HP is doubled. Even the ruby won’t take them out in a single shot, unless maybe it’s the Day of Fire. But you don’t want it to be the Day of Fire, because the two preceding formations consist of enemies from Ashe and are nightmarish as-is. Aye.

An effective strategy, I found, is “camping”. That is, killing all but one enemy (preferably a weak one) and then sitting there and just Guarding with your whole party for several turns to boost your FP for the next fight. This is especially important for the last few battles. You also might want to use the opportunity to recover your HP. If you emerge victorious, you’ll be rewarded with the Golden Sword (even more powerful than a Silver Sword) and a badge that earns you the right to challenge other arenas. Congratulations!

Valley of the Dead
Enemies here attack with increased power, but Silver equipment will lessen the blows. They’re even stronger on the Day of the Moon, but weaker on the Day of the Sun.
In the first area just beyond the entrance, head directly left into the trees to find a chest with White Ether. There’s also a chest with Incense on an island in the middle of the water. In the second area, head straight down and pick up the Peep Bug from the chest, then go right into the trees. You’ll come out on the other side near a chest with a Spider Web inside (tip: you might want to save it for the upcoming boss battle). The exit is in the lower-left corner. The third area consists of islands connected by bridges. There are also a few spots where you can jump over the roots to cross the mire; just walk toward them and you’ll jump automatically if you can. You can find Ectoplasm and a Sleepy Flute here. South from the mire is a clearing where, on the Day of the Moon only, an old woman will give you a Silver Crescent, an accessory that prevents Charm status. West from the mire is a graveyard that serves as the entryway to the City of the Dead.

City of the Dead
The road that winds through the City of the Dead – both above ground and below – isn’t really that complicated, with only a few branches off the main path leading to mundane treasure.
The mummified Lazarus can paralyze you with its attacks. Sinturions use Battle Cry to raise the whole enemy troop’s attack power, and things can get hectic if the effect stacks up. Undertakers can use Dark Smoke (blind all) and Cold Fear (fear/stun all); you might remember Dysis having those moves as well. Don’t underestimate the cute-looking Wax Maidens, either; they’re among the most fiendish of foes you’ve yet encountered. They can cripple you with Flameburst (that awful move used by Firebrands in Ashe; deals party-wide Fire damage, burns, and causes blindness), Soul Flame (damages your EF), and Curse (a whole host of nasty effects). Just to clarify, enemies don’t use any of these attacks on Easy Mode. Sold yet?

Citadel of the Dead
Enemies here can come at you in large packs, and it can be taxing. Be sure to stock plenty of Medicine (99 would be great if you’ve got the spare change). There’s a Plutonic Portal just outside the citadel, so I recommend that you leave the city and restock (there’s no portal at the end, so you can’t leave conveniently). Antibiotics, Eye Drops, Honey Dew, and so on will be critical in dealing with the status effects enemies will be inflicting upon you. And don’t forget to pack a healthy supply of Life Elixirs.
If you’ve elected to buy into Pepp Pep, be sure to have as many as you can hold going into the citadel, and save them for the boss battle (the dealer is in an alley in Southport).

There are two doors that are bound by the power of the imprisoned souls trapped in orbs. The orbs are in hidden rooms, and you need to destroy them to proceed. You’ll be doing a lot of walking back and forth through the winding halls, so let me be your handy-dandy guide:

1F: Just walk straight up to the stairs.
2F-a: Walk straight down through the intersection and grab the Vital Mix from the chest if it suits your fancy.  Left and down from the intersection is an Angel Tear. Left and up are stairs to 3F. Right and up also leads to stairs going up, but there’s one of those barred doors I talked about, and you need to destroy the orb first.
3F (left): Follow the hallway down and right, and take the stairs back down to 2F. Grab the Infernal Candle while you’re at it.

2F-b: Open the chest for a Life Elixir, then have a look around the room. See that funny-looking shadow on the wall, between the two coffins? It’s actually a secret door, and an orb is beyond. Examine the orb to shatter it, allowing you to open the door on 3F. So backtrack to that intersection on the other side of 2F and go right this time.
3F (right): Follow the hall down and around to the door that was sealed before. Also pick up the very valuable Hyper Blend from the chest behind the caskets.

3F bridge: There are two of these outer-bridge areas between floors of the citadel, and it’s only in those areas that the Wolf Reaper – a strong enemy – appears. Not only can it make use of Double Attack and drain your health to boot, but its Lunatic Dance transforms your characters into werewolves (Holy Water cures “lycanthropy” status). In addition to making the characters look a lot meaner, lycanthropy boosts Attack and Agility significantly while effectively confusing the victim – meaning they may attack either enemies or their own allies. So… it could definitely end badly for you.

4F: Starting here, you may encounter Haunted Mirrors, which have a nasty habit of spell-sealing you, and also use a Moonbeam attack that can stun a character while inflicting magical damage. They also have the unique capability of reflecting magical attacks, so don’t bother trying to use Elemental magic on them (but Combos are fair game).
There are lots of ways to go here, so start with the left hallway. The right hallway leads to a nice surprise, though, so be sure to check it out (heh heh heh). Straight up and on the next floor is another sealed door, so don’t go there yet.
5F (lower-left): Follow the path through the dining room (taking note of what’s for dinner) and up the stairs to find a chest with a Vampire Guard. This accessory prevents enemies from draining your HP when they attack you, and should prove useful when fighting the boss of the citadel. Important: Don't give it to Cloe.

5F (upper-left): If you’re deft, you can trick out the enemies here by drawing them back to the stairway, circling, and then proceeding down either path without getting into a battle. You can collect a Rusty Helmet and Black Stone on the visible paths, but at the upper-right corner of the second-to-last bend near the stone, walk straight across the void to find Dark Tonic and a Death Tag. Make the Black Stone into an Onyx Bracelet the next time you visit the jeweler.

5F (upper-right): You can use the same drawing-and-circling strategy to dodge the enemies here if you so desire. There’s a total of 1,680 gold between the two chests here, but the real prize is through that little gap in the wall near the bottom (see it?); the second orb. Break it, then return to 4F and take the upper middle stairway.
5F bridge: Same thing with the Wolf Reaper that appears here. Just keep going…

6F: Stepping on the phoenix emblem fully restores you. Save your game (really hope you’ve been doing that intermittently all along) and enter one last door if you dare.

Boss: Byzou
You’re down a character for this fight, so the stakes are a little higher. Going into battle with 100 FP across the board would be a good idea, so spend a little time building it up; remember, the healing phoenix emblem is close by (or just “camp” and Guard to build your FP).

For giggles, use Dark Tonic on Leo and then Double Critical. Or Dark Tonic in conjunction with Sky’s Twin Soul.
If neither of those admittedly cheap strategies sound appealing to you (you may, after all, wish to save that Dark Tonic for another day), any Fire-elemental weapons you may have (by forging from the Pyrite in Ashe) will be very effective (and you can get the same Elemental attribute on any weapon by equipping a Ruby Ring); the same goes for Silver weaponry and the Golden Sword.

Sky and Monique can boost their own power briefly with the Combos Serenade and Rose Waltz; you can even combine the Dark Tonic with these effects (preferably on Monique, as only she gets the “Love” effect from Serenade). And with your current party, you can still make use of Sword Cross, Sword Trine, and Martial Waltz on the offensive side. Don’t forget that you can equip the Lead Boots mid-battle to engineer the execution of your Combos for maximum effect.

Byzou’s schtick is draining your health with just about every move she makes. She can Double Attack and also use Life Drain to steal HP from all three characters at once. On the status ailment side, she can Stop a character with Extreme Bondage and Charm everyone with Charm Wave. She can boost her damage output (which means draining even more HP) with Evil Power and stunt your own with Dark Guard. Oh, yeah… and she starts off with Song of Degeneration, which causes you to constantly lose health throughout the battle. Are you terrified yet?
Maybe those Dark Tonic strategies aren’t so cheap, after all!

Following the battle with Byzou, go to Southport and board the ferry to Winstar. You won’t be able to return to Alavon for awhile, so you may want to tie up any loose ends first. You also might want to stock some food from Delia’s store in Circlet (especially Milk, for its very useful Attack bonus).

Section 4:
~Isle of Wind~

After getting off the ferry, head north and enter the city of Winstar. And what a city it is! There’s lots to do, lots to learn, and lots to find (if you don’t care about Avarice and the constant degeneration of your Virtue), so let’s get started. I’ll break it down and cover each area of town individually:

West Boulevard: The inn and item shop are located here.
Southwest Avenue: Here you’ll find the weapon and armor shops, the smith, and a forge where you can temper certain weapons. The upper street leads to the second Party House. Be sure to run up to the door and check the “For Sale” sign in order to further progress that quest.
South Boulevard: There’s a residential home and a school here, but you can’t actually enter them. However, there are a couple of kids skipping around, and they might have some useful information for you.
Southeast Avenue: There’s a homeless shelter where you can find an interesting item on a bookshelf (the Saint would be proud). This is where the Tailor can be found, as well as a seamstress who alters clothing.
East Boulevard: A toy store and bookstore can be found here. There are, of course, a few books you can pilfer from the shelves at the expense of your Attributes.
North Boulevard (east): Here’s a residential home that you can enter (and a hospital that you can’t). Have a quick chat with Maddie on her comfy couch, then proceed to rob her blind (you monster!).
Northeast Avenue: The pub is here, as well as the local Pepp Pep vendor. And one other secret little establishment you can find if you snoop around a little… a punk in the pub will give you a clue if your Charisma is 40 or higher.

Northwest Avenue: Here there’s a perfumery where you can bring musk and buy various scents to equip as accessories.
North Boulevard (west): The Jeweler is here, along with a small shop where you can buy rings*. And finally, the road north that leads to the church.

After the scene at the church (don’t forget to talk to everyone in there and check around for items, by the way), you’ll need to recover Monique’s purse. Just head straight down to the Northwest Avenue and loop up into the alley where the trash cans are (check them too!). The rightmost nook has no trash can; examine the wall to the right to enter the thief’s hideout, and reclaim the purse from the dresser. Now you can go back to the church and pay the priest for Cloe’s purification.

With Cloe having wandered off for now, your next order of business is to meet with King Lance in Winstar Castle. But do check around Winstar’s shops first, to see if you can find anything of use. Be sure to thoroughly explore Winstar Castle, as there’s lots of treasure to loot (including a lot of gold). Fair warning: you might want to unequip Sky before going to the throne room (which is straight up from the main hall). Definitely don't leave the Vampire Guard or Onyx Bracelet on him, as you'll need them for the next dungeon.

Winstar Forest
As in Alavon Forest, there are a couple of hidden paths through the dark grass that lead to treasure (just a bit of gold in this case). The path to the south leads to the Drafty Rift, but you can’t go there yet. Be warned that if you come here on the Day of Air, the Pixies will smack you good with Rushing Wind. Queen Bees only appear in the central zone of the forest, and Leprechauns only appear in the foggy area to the north. They drop a lot of gold when beaten, but they tend to run away frequently (and they’re fast to boot).

The red-headed little girl on Winstar’s North Boulevard (east) mentioned something about the way through the forest… “left, right, straight.” When you enter the dense fog to the north, that’s the clue you need in order to proceed. The path splits three different ways, so head left first and go all the way up to the next map; you should hear a jingle. Then, take the right path and do the same, and finally, head straight up. You should enter a new area with less fog. Look around for some items on the ground and in the well, then enter…

Maire’s House
Important: Do not come here on the Day of the Moon. Give Monique both the Vampire Guard and Onyx Bracelet. If you don't have those accessories and do come on the Day of the Moon, you may find yourself in an unwinnable situation.

Basically, you need to find and read all of the scattered diary pages to progress through here. They’re not all in plain sight, and one requires you to complete a series of events before it comes floating down from the rafters. Don’t forget to check everywhere for items, including the refrigerator and the second-floor storeroom. Some enemies here drop some interesting items, but if you want them, you’ll have to farm them now, with limited resources, as they disappear once this area is completed. In my own experience, using both Monique’s and Leo’s magic is enough to wipe them all out in a single turn. They appear in specific places instead of their placement being completely random, so here’s a breakdown:

Evil Doll: Foyer, Nursery
Marionette: Foyer, Dining Room
Charlie: Dining Room, Kitchen
Cuckoo Clocker: Kitchen, Bedroom
Rocking Horse: Bedroom, Nursery

So if you just want the items from Charlie and the Cuckoo Clocker, your best bet would be to simply run back and forth, in and out of the kitchen. Of course, you probably won’t want to hang around long unless you turn the music off… don’t worry, I did it myself.

The trickiest diary page to find, as I said earlier, only appears after set events have transpired. To begin this process (and end it quickly), go to the upper floor and loop around and down, entering the second-floor hallway. Here you’ll have to fight the Closet Case with Monique alone. It uses only two moves: Life Drain and Pulsing Darkness (which can paralyze you, giving the enemy the opportunity to absorb all its health back and possibly kill you in the process). If you made Onyx jewelry with the Black Stone from the Citadel of the Dead, it’ll help protect you from Pulsing Darkness (except the ring, of course), and the Vampire Guard will nullify Life Drain completely. If only I’d realized all this when I playtested it…

After Leo goes missing, look for him in the dining room. You won’t find him there, but you need to see the scene there before you can. After that, look in the storeroom on the second floor, and there he’ll be. The diary page will then descend from above.

Other diary pages:
Dining Room: On the table.
Kitchen: On the counter.
Nursery: On the shelf.
Bedroom: In the dresser.
Sitting Room: Check the closet and fight the Corpses that emerge. The page will then fall from the nearby bookshelf.


Once you’ve read all the pages, engage the Forsaken One in the foyer. You can do nothing but fall prey to its Trauma attack, then black out. When you wake up, you’ll be able to ascend to the attic. Pick up the Spider Web and Life Elixir, then head up to meet Maire herself! A series of scenes will play out afterwards. You’ll get both Sky and Cloe back, plus some new friends! Don’t forget to outfit them all with the best equipment you can currently buy them, plus whatever might be in your inventory if it’s better than what they have. Elwyn’s pretty decent with the Silver Pistol. Also note that Maire cannot level up yet, so she might not be very useful. But that may soon change…

If you return to Elwyn & Lala’s hideout, you can see a little scene that gives the both of them a few Friendship points. The day of the week will change afterward, so be careful. Also, if you go back to Maire’s house, you can now exit from the second-floor hallway and reach the balcony above the main entrance. A sparkle clues you in to a Leaf of Life that you can find – always handy!

Lala’s learnable skills for Winstar Forest:
Rushing Wind (Pixie)
Mini Magic (Pixie)
Magic Absorb (Swordlily)
Leaf Storm (Swordlily)

Lala’s learnable skills in Alavon (for future reference):
Eye Laser (Golem)
Flame Swoop (Firebird)
Heat Shield (Salamander; only uses with less than full health)

Lala doesn’t start with a lot of HP, so some of these attacks may kill her before she gets the chance to learn them. You might just want to have her Guard while you wait for the enemies to use their attacks (Mini Magic and Leaf Storm in particular are seldom used, so it can take a bit). Also, if enemies run out of EF to use their special attacks, you’ll have to either kill them or escape, get into another battle, and try again. Please also note that, on Easy Mode, enemies may not use the skills Lala can learn.

Useful items Elwyn can Steal include Bottled Musk from Funky Skunks (for the perfume lady in Winstar) and Leaf Sabers from Swordlilies (for a quest in Winstar Castle). Note that Steal doesn’t always work, and some items are rare to boot. As well, even if you don’t have any particular need of a certain item you can steal, you can always sell it for money. I found Boken (from Squirrel Squire) and the Sylvan Bow (from Pixies) useful for this purpose.

Drafty Rift
You’ll take a completely different path through this area on the Day of Air, and all of the treasure is on this alternate route; a Speed Up, Luck Up, Green Stone, and Air Shard A, as well as a secret cave full of gems, ore, and Star Shard A (the White Stone you find there is the key to a quest back in Winstar; make it into a Diamond Ring for the guy who needs one).

Beware the increased strength of enemies’ attacks on this day (Kitty Hawks are particularly fierce in large groups). If you got the Wind Cloak from the quest on Winstar Cape, it’ll prove very useful. Also, Lance doesn’t really need his Emerald Earrings, as he absorbs Air anyway; so give them to someone else. If you want, you can give Lance’s Lightning Rod a little test drive against Cockachicks. It’ll send back the energy from their Thunder Breath for massive damage; and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a little Grilled Chicken for your trouble… though maybe it should’ve been Charred Chicken?

At the end, you’ll face a Wind Sprite. The only way to defeat it is by using Lightning Rod; that is, redirecting its Thunderbolt attack back at it. It uses either Gust or Gale for three turns, then goes into its thundercloud for three turns, then reverts; the cycle repeats. It should only take two or three redirected attacks (if that) to defeat it, so the battle shouldn’t take too long if you know what you’re doing. Repeatedly use Lightning Rod as soon as it transforms (on the same turn it transforms would be best, so memorize the sequence I laid out for you). Do note that Elwyn can steal an extra Windslash Katana from it at a dishearteningly low rate (it drops it anyway, but an extra would be nice if you use both Sky and Cloe, as they both can equip it).

Lala’s learnable skills for the Drafty Rift:
Heal Wind (Wing Viper; only uses on the Day of Air)
Fell Sweep (Kitty Hawk)
Double Kick (Unicorn)

Cait Sith Village
The Cait Sith have all sorts of useful and interesting information for you, so be sure to talk to everyone here; but save the one by the graves in the northwestern corner of the village for last, as talking to them will set the next part of the story in motion. Be sure to save first. It goes without saying that you should check all the boxes and barrels as usual, but you can also find Honey Dew in the bush with the pink flowers, and Veggies in the garden with the scarecrow.

There are a couple of new quests here, one being more important than you might think. In the southeastern corner of the village, in front of the item shop, is a Cait Sith who wants to be a warrior, and needs a Claymore, Heraldic Shield, Sam Browne, Kilt, and Plaid. You can get a Claymore from the green-clad guard’s quest in Winstar Castle by bringing her a Leaf Saber, easily stolen from Swordlilies in Winstar Forest, or by stealing one from a Garuda on Mt. Gareth (but then you’ll have to wait a bit longer to complete the quest). You can buy Heraldic Shields from the armor shop on Winstar’s southwest avenue. Lance comes equipped with the Sam Browne, and you can buy the other two items right here in the village.

Your reward is Cait Sith Ale, which ties into the “Hangover Hero” quest back in Winstar’s pub. Give the ale to the guy on the floor in there, and he’ll give you Treasure Map #4. The directions will likely be totally confusing (don’t worry, it’s intentional), but all you have to do is leave town, loop around and up to the left, and check the uppermost part of the beach to find Moon Shard A.

There’s some good equipment sold here. Apart from their necessity for the aforementioned Quest, the Kilt, Plaid, and Beret raise FP Charge rates, which essentially translates to more frequent Combo usage (probably no one but Sky is using a Cloak yet anyway, so giving them a Plaid can’t hurt). The pricy Ogre Club is absolutely essential for Lala at the very least. You may scoff at the low Attack power of the Wind Boomerang (for its cost, anyhow), but if you slip two Strength Rings on Lance (from the ring shop next to the jewelry store back in Winstar), he can do surprisingly good damage against large groups of enemies with it (you probably won’t want to use it for boss battles, though).

Be sure to grab the gold on 3F of Tiergan’s tower; the other treasure is just stinky old iron equipment that’ll only hurt your Attributes if you steal it. You’ll have to fight a couple of Tigra Sith on the way up, and you can steal Bamboo Lances from them if you wish. Though slightly weaker than the Royal Lances you can buy in Winstar, they offer 10% Critical Rate bonuses. However, when you successfully steal from one of the Tigra Sith, they’ll run from the battle; and if you steal from both, you’ll miss getting the encyclopedia entry for them.

Boss: Tiergan
Like Dysis, this is a two-stage battle, and the second form is a lot stronger than the first (and it has double the HP to boot). Lala can learn both Build Power and Leer from Tiergan’s second form. If you want, you can steal Tiergan’s Kilt; in fact, I officially endorse this course of action. Unlike the Tigra Sith, he’ll continue to fight after his item is stolen… but being self-conscious will impair his focus, so it’s definitely to your advantage. Tiergan boosts his Defense right off the bat, ordinarily followed by his Attack; but if you steal his kilt immediately, his Attack won’t be boosted.

You might want to avoid fighting Tiergan on the days of Sun and Fire, as he knows Flames of Hell (Leo’s Fire Barrier might be helpful in this light, though iffy as it’s only single-target). Moon or Water would be better, depending on your party and strategy (definitely Moon if you’re using Elwyn). Tiergan can also inflict party-wide poison and fear, so Detox jewelry and Brave Badges might be good accessory choices if you have them. Both forms roar, but the second form’s roar also causes damage (both stun your characters). If he decides to spam his roar, you’ll have a miserable time.

The first form has extra-powerful attacks: Tackle and Haymaker, which cause paralysis and sleep, respectively, while dealing elevated physical damage. The second form’s super-attack is Feline Fury, which strikes a single character three times in a row. Ouch. I personally found Monique & Leo’s Steam Cover to be excellent for avoiding his physical attacks.

Element-wise, Tiergan (in his second form) absorbs Fire, resists Ice to a degree, and is weak to Gold and Star; so the Golden Sword and Elwyn’s magic might prove effective. His first form has no Elemental affiliation. Even your basic Vapor Cloud and Frost Razor will do decent damage on the right day. Don’t be afraid to use Sky’s Slow if you find Tiergan’s agility to be unmanageable. And don’t forget your Spider Webs in a pinch, either.

Unlikely scenario: When I fought Tiergan in my replay, I found him very difficult as I previously stated, but met with miraculous opportunity when Lala learned Build Power from him. I got a devious little idea… and used Build Power followed by Double Kick, which, combined with the Ogre Club’s critical bonus, dealt two successive critical hits of about 1300-1400 damage each, for a total of around 2700 damage in one blow. Yeah… that really helped, but I wouldn’t count on it.

One more little tidbit: If you saved some Milk from Delia’s back in Circlet, it’ll raise your Attack power, which I personally found very helpful (especially on Leo; and his Dash Attack is just fabulous for its turn order priority).

A few of the Cait Sith (and Tigra Sith) have some different things to say after the event with Tiergan, so be sure to talk to them again (and be on the lookout for a few new faces around town, too). If you didn’t give your Claymore from the Winstar Castle guard to the Cait Sith who wanted to be a warrior, you can take it with Tiergan’s Soul of Fire to the Smith’s apprentice back in Winstar and make Great Claymore, which is twice as powerful as the regular Claymore. Of course, you could’ve already done this if you saved the Soul of Fire from Dysis (and maybe you did). Otherwise, you’ll need to get another Claymore from a Garuda on Mt. Gareth, either by stealing one or obtaining it as a drop.

Mt. Gareth
There’s a lot of treasure to find on Mt. Gareth. Here’s a little checklist for you:
__ Unicorn Horn
__ Power Up
__ Guard Up
__ Will Up
__ 770g
__ 890g
__ Basilisk Eye
__ 620g
__ Pixie Bell
__ Rusty Spear (any day but Air)
__ 2500g (any day but Air)
__ Zephyrite (Day of Air only)
__ Ziz’s Emerald (Day of Air only)
__ Phoenix Feather (Day of Air only)
__ 1200g
__ Rusty Armor
__ Radiant Soma

There are also many interesting items dropped by the enemies here, including the Dragon Scale (which can be crafted into a Scale Shield or even Dragon Mail), Scorpion Tail, Claymore, four different types of claws (all of which Lala can equip), and more. Please note that those shiny Dragon Claws are extremely rare, and they can’t be stolen either. As with the Drafty Rift, there are spots where you can jump and ride the wind, and again, if it’s the Day of Air, you’ll be taken to different places. As you can see from the checklist above, there’s also some treasure that can only be gotten on the Day of Air, and a couple that can’t be obtained then.

The “Flashy Finisher” quest could be tricky, so here’s what you need to know. Griffins only use Heaven’s Gale at 50% health or less, so you have to soften them up a bit without killing them. Also, they need at least 15 EF to use it, so if they’ve wasted too much casting Gust and Gale, it won’t happen. Once they’re under its effect, you have to kill them using Bull’s-eye… which has only 50% accuracy… on top of the Griffin’s new 50% Evasion. Have fun, and good luck!! Almost forgot, you need to be equipped with a Silver Bow, too. Only Lance can do this.

As for “Hearts Aflutter,” you just have to randomly encounter the red-haired Harpy. She can appear anywhere on Mt. Gareth, except in caves. For what it’s worth, I found her in the very last area before the wind tunnel (on my first playthrough; in my replays, I found her much earlier, even in my very first enemy encounter at the bottom of the mountain).

If you’re looking to fill the Enemy Encyclopedia, note that certain enemies only appear in specific areas of the mountain. Harpies don’t appear in caves; Wyverns appear prolifically in caves, and not in the lowest areas of the mountain (and their Fire Breath packs a surprising punch on the days of Sun and Fire, so watch out!). Griffins appear in the mid-to-upper range, and Garuda only in the highest reaches. The Chimera appears sparsely throughout, except in the first couple of areas, in which it doesn’t appear at all. It appears slightly more frequently near the top of Mt. Gareth. Your best bet is probably the cave with all the bridges after the wind-jumping section.

Now, let me tell you about the Chimera. In my replay, it was a menace. I encountered several of them, and each battle was a near-death experience (God help you if it’s the Day of Air). Don’t be afraid to blow a Death Tag if you still have one, or even Pixie Bells (which constitute a rather humorous method of sending them packing… though you won’t get any EXP, gold, or items that way). Basilisk Eyes are also a good choice, but you may want to save a few of those for later.

If you have trouble with the rising wind tunnel near the end, just switch to Easy Mode. Like the lava sections in Ashe, you’ll gain five points of Diligence if you can do it on Normal (without having done it on Easy first). Contrary to logic, the wind here isn’t stronger on the Day of Air (hey, I’m not THAT mean). If you press against the walls, you’ll “stick” to them… could give you a breather if you need it (honestly, that feature wasn’t intentional, but what the heck). There’s a healing point past the wind tunnel, so don’t waste your precious restoratives. There’s also a Plutonic Portal in case you need to go back to a town and replenish your inventory.

Lala’s learnable skills for Mt. Gareth:
Heaven’s Gale (Griffin; only uses at half max HP or less)
Battle Cry (Garuda)
Dark Wing (Chimera)

Boss: Star-Crossed Sorcerer
I bet you’ve been wanting to tear into this guy for a long time, haven’t you? Well, just don’t do it on the Day of the Sun, Moon, or Aether, as his big attack will be powered up double and you’ll likely not survive, even when Guarding (well, except Elwyn). He also has a healing skill that’s very powerful on those days (and also not on those days, for that matter). The Day of Earth would be ideal, but don’t screw up your Attributes for it.

The Star-Crossed Sorcerer has a vast arsenal of deadly spells and can inflict a wide variety of status ailments on you, including confusion, silence, shrink, and stop. Not to mention the Sleep Paralysis he always starts the battle with. He can also slow you down (Slow), drain your health (Life Drain), and totally deplete your entire party’s EF in an instant (Evanescence). Needless to say, he absorbs Star-Elemental attacks (including combos). Lala can learn Life Drain from him, as well as Mini Magic (if you didn’t learn that from the Pixies earlier). If Monique and Lala have learned Reflection, it’ll protect you from many of his spells. Speaking of that initial Sleep Paralysis, a Refresher can really help you recover from it (along with any other ailments the sorcerer inflicts upon you while you can’t move… dirty @#$%!). If you’re all out, hopefully you still have that Leaf of Life from Maire’s House (yeah, right… I bet Tiergan cheated you out of that one).

He becomes a little more aggressive once half his HP is gone. That’s also when he uses his aforementioned super-move (Astral Meteor) and starts healing. When the message warns you that he’s preparing an attack – along with the flashes and sound – guard with everyone immediately (well, if it’s the Day of Earth, you may not have to, but definitely do otherwise). Blades of Wrath is another highly damaging move, seldom used but always deadly.

With some effort, you can steal the Sakura katana from the Star-Crossed Sorcerer. It isn’t dropped normally, so stealing is the only way to get it. Stealing it doesn’t affect the boss’s ability to fight in any way (or his appearance… oh, well).

On the ferry to Cambria, you’ll control Maire alone.  Go around and talk to everyone, then return to the deck to progress the story. Feel free to plunder any treasure you like, gazing in disbelief as Maire’s already two-digit HP drops yet further with each item you find. Just for giggles, the lowest I ever got it was 6… yes, six (but that’s including the items in the next town, too).

If you have trouble with the crazed sailors, you could make use of status items like the Infernal Candle and Basilisk Eye, if you have them (Cockachicks dropped tons of Basilisk Eyes when I played… I had, like, 7 at one point). Or just blow a Fever Burst like Cloe’s Titanic Tirade, assuming you have enough FP to do it. Any attack Combos will do, as well (but remember that someone who’s afraid can’t join in). They’re really not that threatening unless they start stacking Battle Cry, and in that case things can get a little hairy.

Section 5:
~The Girl with Gifted Hands~

You can find several items lying on the beach in Solomon, but the bright sunlight makes them hard to see. It might be a little late, but much of your old equipment can be upgraded by the Tailor, including Black Tights (into Shiny Tights with Glass Powder), Floral Skirt (into the Pearl Skirt with a Little Pearl), Silver Earrings (into either Shell Earrings with a Tiny Shell, or Pearl Earrings with the Little Pearl), and Maire’s Petite Dress (into a Shell Dress with the Tiny Shell). Furthermore, the Shell Dress can be made into a Shiny Shell Dress with a Slimy Scale. Both it and the Shiny Tights add a 10% chance of nonphysical attack reflection; and Maire’s soon-to-be-unlocked innate ability (Electromagnetic Field) has the same effect… so yeah, do the math.

You can also find Blue and Yellow Stones on the beach. As always, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to be dealing that particular type of Elemental damage (with rings) or if you’d rather have defense against that Element (with other jewelry). The third and final Party House is located here, so don’t forget to check the door as you did in Winstar. Now, when you’re able to return to Alavon, you can pick a house to purchase. There are three stores in Solomon with furnishings and other goodies for your new pad, but they won’t be open until you actually own it.

When you meet Hiram, you’ll be given the option to stay in Solomon for a few days while he instructs Maire. I definitely recommend that you do so, not only for the sake of the story, but also because with each day, Maire gains a level, and several skills when all’s said and done. If you decline, you won’t ever get the chance to see these scenes again (but she’ll still get the skills whenever she levels up normally). What’s more, going through with the training will jumpstart Maire & Hiram’s friendship by a full 30 points (and you’ll also get a few points between some of the other characters). Remember, the higher your individual friendships, the higher your overall Amity, and the faster your friendships and Attributes will develop (not to mention Combo learning).

Once Maire is able to consciously use her power, you can lift the rock over the pit in the temple’s east yard. Below is the Reaper’s Scythe and Light Shard A for Hiram, and Zener Cards for Maire. It might be irrelevant now, but useful to remember that those sparkles high on the wall in the cave near the Drafty Rift in Winstar can now also be obtained (Maire’s own Mind Shard A and a Pink Stone, which can be made into Rose jewelry that resists instant death attacks).

The skills Pyrokinesis and Cryokinesis that Maire can learn from Leo and Cloe are not only twice as strong on their respective days of Fire and Water (and they can only be learned on those days, by the way), but even stronger on the Day of Aether. You need 30 or more Coldness to learn Cryokinesis, and no more than a single point to learn Pyrokinesis. So if you want both, learn Cryokinesis first, then pray down your Coldness. Afterward, be careful not to use a character that gives Coldness to the party (Cloe or Hiram) until you’ve learned Pyrokinesis.

Hiram comes equipped with a Yule Bracelet, which fully restores the party if he falls in battle while wearing it. You can transfer it to another character or just keep it in your inventory for now, if you want, so you can save it for a special occasion. Remember that you can change your equipment mid-battle.

Lastly, the Dinosaur Costume that you find in the nursery can be upgraded to a Dragon Costume by bringing it to the Tailor with Salamander’s Skin (semi-rarely dropped by Axolotls in the wetlands; alternatively, Elwyn can steal it).

Great Wetlands
Depending on the day of the week, you’ll not only encounter different enemies, but on the days of Water and Earth, different areas and treasure will be accessible (or inaccessible). Here’s a breakdown:
Enemies by day:

Frog Fencer, Cradle Croc, Bad Eggplant (any)
Blood Bug (any but Sun, more on Moon)
Dryad, Geranium (Sun/Earth)
Wisp, Pumpkin Head (Moon/Fire)
Tadpole, Axolotl, Tardigrade (Water)
Silly Goose (Air/Aether)

Note: Encyclopedia entries 99-101 are the larger Tardigrade forms you encounter when using water magic. Each must be killed separately to fill the encyclopedia.

Treasure by area (and day, if applicable):
Southwest: Wakeweed
South: Neptune’s Sapphire (Water), Acuity Wort, Tingle Root
Southeast: Water Silk (Water or Earth)
West: Holy Water, Angel Tear (Earth)
Northwest: Leaf of Life (Earth; from North)
North: Water Shard B (Water; from NW), 540 gold, 590 gold (Earth)

Frog Fencers are fond of the Amphibian’s Anthem, so watch yourself. The same is true for Tardigrades and Mini Magic. Blood Bugs are nothing short of vicious, and Pumpkin Heads can also deal quite a bit of damage with their spells, if they get the chance to use them. On the Day of Water, some sections are flooded, blocking access and forcing you to take detours. On the other hand, giant lilypads also appear, allowing you to cross the water where you couldn’t before. In some cases, you’ll have to stand back a bit and get a running start.

On the Day of Earth, vines creep up some of the rock walls, which you can climb to (usually) reach treasure. On this day, thanks to the vines, you can even bypass the little “grass maze” in the eastern section of the wetlands, and easily grab the Water Silk in the southeast, skipping the enemy encounters (you can also get it on the Day of Water by crossing the lilypads in the south, but you’ll have to make it past the enemies in your way).

Regarding the Quests commissioned by the children in the temple…

Luck of the Draw: Just equip Maire with the Zener Cards, get into any battle, and keep attacking with her. You might need to Guard with the others so you don’t kill all the enemies before all five card symbols appear. In my own personal experience, I got the first four symbols fairly quickly, but it took forever for the fifth to appear. You may want to do this before Maire gets too strong, or she just might kill the enemies herself. Take heart and keep at it!

A Taste for Terror: You have to make a Pumpkin Head afraid and then hit it with the Reaper’s Scythe. Your only means of inflicting fear status at this point is Cloe’s skill Trash Talk, so you’ll need both Cloe and Hiram in your party. Trash Talk doesn’t always inflict fear, so it may take a few tries... and if you kill the enemy with the attack, you won’t get its head, so don’t hit it too hard. I found the best way to do this is to encounter the Pumpkin Head along with Wisps. Wisps use Flameburst, which causes burns; and if Hiram is burned, he won't deal as much damage. But Flameburst can also blind you, and obviously you'll want to cure the blind status... so it can be a bit of a pain altogether.

Livin’ Large: You’ll need Monique for this, and it can’t be done on Easy Mode. Use any of her Water-elemental magic attacks on a Tardigrade and it will grow bigger; the more you use, the bigger it grows. It can achieve three levels of growth, and trust me, you’ll know when it’s maxed out. I happened to have a spare Infernal Candle, which made it doable (though the monster can still hit while blind). I used Lala’s Half-Moon (from Moon Shard A) a billion times to halve its HP over and over, then finished it off with Maire & Elwyn’s combo, Double Trouble (though any other dual-attack combo would probably work). Before I thought to use the Infernal Candle and Half-Moon, I was using Maire & Lala’s combo, Lunacy (surefire confusion); but the effect never lasted long enough to be very helpful. Of course, I was either guarding or healing with everyone else at all times. Don’t forget your Pepp Peps!

Your actual goal here is in the northeast, but again, your path will differ depending on whether or not it’s the Day of Water. If not, you can just head north, then east, then east again, then northeast, and presto. If it is the Day of Water, you’ll have to go east, cross the lilypads, go north then west then north again, cross the lilypad to the northeast, navigate the small islands to reach dry less wet land, go south, then east, then northeast.

You will tragically lose your newest party members from Winstar (as well as Hiram) at the cranky hermit’s shack… not permanently, though, so don’t worry. But if they’re equipped with anything you want or think you might need, take it from them for the time being. After that, follow Ginkgo’s advice and take the Plutonic Portal to the very-obviously-not-sunken Triton’s Tower, proceeding south to exit the wetlands (but not the way you came). From there, descend Poseidon’s Ridge and bravely step into Ginkgo’s boat.

Lala’s learnable skills for the Great Wetlands:
Gel Armor (Axolotl; sometimes uses at the start of battle)
Amphibian’s Anthem (Frog Fencer)
Leaf Canopy (Dryad; only uses with less than full health)

Boss: Tuna
This is not your ordinary brand of tuna.

… … …

This boss can inflict both Thunder- and Water-elemental damage upon your entire party (not to mention physical), as well as blindness and paralysis. If you bought any Motion Belts back in Solomon, they’ll protect you from the paralysis. Be sure you have a decent supply of Eye Drops (10+, I’m serious), as blindness doesn’t abate on its own. The Water Gown (made from a Silk Gown and Water Silk) is an interesting choice of equipment for this battle. It’s pointless to equip it on Monique, as her Element is already Water; but if you give it to Cloe, she’ll be able to absorb Tuna’s Water attack… however, she’ll also take double damage from his Thunder attack. A Water Cloak basically has the same effect, only anyone can equip it. Leo might be a good choice, as he’s really out of his element (literally!).

Depending on what you did with the Blue and Yellow Stones you found on the beach in Solomon, you may have other options. If you made them into rings, they’ll be useless, as Tuna absorbs both Water and Thunder. But if you made them anything else, you now have additional accessories to protect yourself with.

Tuna himself is weak to Ice (and Cold Blaze deals obscene damage). Beware of fighting him on the days of Moon, Water and Air, as his elemental attacks will naturally be powered up. If you need physical protection, don’t forget about Monique & Leo’s Steam Cover. It’s pretty cheap, as a matter of fact…


If Sky has learned Steal from Elwyn, you can nab another Neptune’s Sapphire from Tuna’s hidden stash (he never drops it normally). Exciting!

Hobo Island
Whoa, who’d have thought you’d be headed way out here so soon? Before you can do anything here, you’ll need to read the engraving in the southern section of the island. Then, you’ll be able to use the blue rocks scattered about to open the various gates (sound familiar?). So walk down the beach and turn up into the nook near the lake, and check the engraving. In order to obtain the four treasure chests behind the gate here (Nyx’s Onyx, Sphinx’s Sunstone, Oroboros’ Amethyst, and Time Shard B), you’ll have to turn the four stone faces toward the center of the island relative to their position. Ring any bells? :p

The path to the cave in the northern area of the island is a lot loopier than it looks… because you’ll be scrambling back and forth to open the gates in a specific order. Moreover, there are no Plutonic Portals on Hobo Island, so be extra thorough to minimize your backtracking. And be careful of the occasional Giga Gator encounter; they’re pretty thick-skinned and can really pile on the damage with Build Power and Tail Whip.

After reading the engraving, you should actually exit to the south, walk back up the beach, and turn right, entering the northwestern zone. Hit the blue rock to open the gate nearby, then turn the stone face so it’s facing to the southeast (you only have to touch it once). Now, walk all the way back down the beach, past the entrance where the engraving was, and enter the jungle from the far east.

In this area, walk straight ahead until you reach the stone face, and hit it twice so it’s facing the northwest. From there, head up the riverside, skip across the rocks and grab the Beast Claws from the chest. Cross the rocks again and go all the way down to the bottom of the map, crossing over the river on the plank and continuing in that direction. On the next screen, touch the blue rock and the nearby gate will open. If you activated the Flower Power quest on Poseidon’s Ridge, you can also find the Moonlily here (on the Day of the Moon only).

Retrace your steps back to the world map and re-enter the jungle from the south-central entrance, where the engraving and four chests are. Continue north to the lake, and turn left. In the next area, there are some chests with gold you can reach by feeling your way through a secret passage in the trees, as well as another stone face that you should turn twice (so it’s facing northeast). When you’re done there, exit to the north.

If it’s the Day of the Sun, grab the Sunlily over to the left, then proceed past the gate you opened earlier. Touch the next blue rock to open the gate up on the hill (but you can’t reach it yet; you just saved yourself a world of inconvenience by opening it now, though).

Now run all the way back to the lake, proceeding east this time. You’ll eventually find your way to an area with enclosed glades connected by hidden paths in the trees (note that this is the only place where Leaf Dragons appear; if it’s the Day of the Sun, watch out for their powered-up Leaf Storm). Before you do anything else, press against the right edge of the trees here, walk all the way up to the stone face, and turn it three times so it’s facing toward the southwest. If you positioned the other three faces correctly, the gate blocking the four chests by the southern entrance of the jungle will open, and you can finally go get them (if you’re not already sick of running around like a headless chicken, that is).

Aside from that, the Starlily can be obtained here (on the Day of Aether), and even Treasure Map #6 if you’re diligent (which leads to the Cutthroat Dagger, by the way; it’s between the two palm trees near the eastern entrance to the jungle on the world map). The actual exit is in the upper-left corner. Freshen up in the spring nearby, then proceed to the cave (saving your game first, of course).

Lala’s learnable skills for Hobo Island:
Wing Scales (Sunfly; only appears on the Day of the Sun)
Sonic Boom (Cicadon)
Coco Milk (Coco Chibi)
Photosynthesis (Leaf Dragon; only uses on the Day of the Sun)

Boss: Snapdragon
Hey, what do you know? One of those little man-eating plants from E1 got promoted to a boss… Be wary of fighting it on the Day of Earth, as its Tremor attack will be powered up (it’s weaker on the Day of Air).

This boss hits pretty hard. It can use Fury to strike three times in a single turn, use Chomp twice in a row to minimize two of your characters’ HP, and absorb back a little bit of the damage it deals with Life Drain. It regularly uses Entangle to keep your Agility down (which might be helped with Hyperspeed from Time Shard B or the Oroboros’ Amethyst, if you want to blow that). The Snapdragon can also poison your party with Halitosis. Its Roar is particularly dangerous, as fear status has the side effect of nulling your Will… meaning magical attacks will do a lot more damage, and I do mean a lot (including the aforementioned Tremor).

It’s weak to Fire and Ice, so Cold Blaze is a good combo choice; and you should be able to couple it with Martial Waltz, at least. Even Cloe’s and Leo’s single-target Elemental magic deals good damage. Like Tuna, Snapdragon has secret treasure you can steal. In this case, almighty Radiant Soma. Don’t miss it! (Like I did…)

Aquarius Cave
Just to clarify, you begin near the bottom of this dungeon, and your goal is to work your way up to B1. There are two main paths you can take, but the day of the week may limit your options… or make things much easier for you.
B5-a: Wade through the poison and pick up the Purple Stone, then ascend to B4. You might have to take a little detour if the vines block your path…

B4-a: There’s a secret passage to the right that leads to a Green Vial and, more excitingly, Dark Tonic. The path splits here; generally, the upper path (B3-a) is easier, but if you love pain, do take the lower path.
B6-b: There are several secret passages on this floor that allow you to circumvent the poison; to your immediate left and right, for starters. You probably shouldn’t bother venturing to the lowest reaches of this floor unless it’s a certain day… but which? (Oh, come on, you should know this by now!)
B5-b: There are a couple of treasure chests here that you can only reach on a specific day. Otherwise, it’s pretty straightforward.
B4-b: You shouldn’t have much trouble navigating this floor. The exit you’re looking for is in the top-right corner.
Between B3-b and B2 is a little vine climbing/jumping section. I hope it awakens many happy memories of vine-jumping from the first game. Only this time, you’re being chased by the rising poison from underneath. Ah, the good old days! Just remember that when you jump, you start one square lower on the next vine; so you can’t actually jump straight across, or if the adjacent vine is one square higher or two squares lower.
Be sure to save your game before ascending to B1. And don’t be in a hurry to grab those chests, either…

Lala’s learnable skills for Aquarius Cave:
Shriek (Dreadbat)
Spike Cannon (Eater)
Gem Aura (Scorpion; only uses at 25% HP or less)

Boss: Nepenthes
Yet another plant-type promotion between the two games. Maire and Elwyn are kinda in a bind, so they’ll be replaced with other characters if you were using them (in this order: Sky, Monique, Cloe, Leo, Lala, Hiram). You might want to outfit everyone with Motion Belts for this battle. If you have any Brave Badges, they’ll also help.

Nepenthes boasts the Snapdragon’s Entangle, Tuna’s Electric Current, and Tiergan’s Bloody Roar. So what does it have of its own? Just Stomach Acid, which deals damage, melts your defense, and causes burns. Oh, and Body Whip, which strikes the whole party for physical damage. Burns already lower your attack and defense, so you’ll be hurting even more. Nepenthes can also Chomp and attack in the same turn, which can be pretty deadly.

You should know how to deal with plants by now (temperature extremes and all). Just watch out for its ailment-inducing attacks, and don’t forget about your defensive Combos; Steam Cover will protect you from Nepenthes’ regular attacks (including the extra attack it gets after Chomp), but not Body Whip. Reflection will reflect Electric Current, but not Bloody Roar or Stomach Acid. Some strategies:

Using Sphinx’s Sunstone on the Day of the Sun (nice little spurt of damage)
Rose Waltz + Serenade + Dark Tonic on axe-wielding Monique (preferably the Stone Axe for its critical bonus)
A Dark Tonic-fueled Double Critical from axe-wielding Leo (you can steal an extra from the boss, by the way)
Twin Soul + Hyperspeed + Slowdown (with Sky; really helps you stay on top of things)
Build Power + Double Kick/Spike Cannon (with double Strength Ring-equipped Lala)

This is a pretty tough fight, so good luck! And if you’re really desperate, don’t forget about that Yule Bracelet. If you find yourself in the bleak situation where only one of your party members is left alive and you’re out of revival items, you’ve got nothing to lose by throwing it on.

Loka Monastery
Here is where your quest will become a little more clear. Asking the guru additional questions will raise your Wisdom, so feel free. After hearing what the guru has to say (or before, if you’re so impatient), search the monastery for items… even a few hidden ones. Then return to Solomon and board the ferry to Fiyara.

Section 6: The Conflict in Fiyara

In Hai, an old man on the rightmost pier will commission a quest. If it's the Day of the Moon, you can find his Lost Gold near a small group of islands close to Winstar. He'll give you a Treasure Map in return, which leads to Ice Shard B in front of the Arean Mercenary Guild.

In Fiyara Forest, a couple treasures can be found off the beaten path by walking through certain sections of dark grass. Be sure to come back to Yaoran Temple after the story event for Radiant Soma, the Fox Suit, and a new quest.

BOSS: Kitsama
This guy is tough. A viable strategy is to have Leo and/or Monique constantly using Vanguard to protect others from damage. Kitsama often counters physical attacks, so focus on magic and Combos (Leo's Dash Attack also bypasses it). Guard when he prepares his attack at half health. If you're using Maire, spam Innocent Gaze to keep his attack power down. Avoid fighting him on the days of Moon, Fire, and especially Aether, as his special attacks will be powered up. Sun or Water would be optimal, depending on how either would benefit your party. Fire heals him, so concentrate more on Water and Ice. Having Sky lower Kitsama's agility while increasing your own could help, if you've got an opening in your roster for him. Elwyn and Hiram learn a Combo (Star Power) that will protect you from critical hits, but your party selection's getting a bit cramped as it is.

Once you get the ship, you can return to past areas to tie up loose ends and chase some new leads as well. There are a couple of optional scenes in Circlet, at the school and inn, and also by staying overnight at Granny's House. Granny herself will commission a new quest, asking you to get Spicy Herbs from Hobo Island. They can be obtained by having Raya appeal to the Onionites. Doyle too, in Alavon, will commission a quest, and another scene can be seen in Nanabash. Lastly, you can get Lance back in the party by visiting Winstar Castle, and also pick up Liam in the Cait Sith village once Raya joins. Don't forget to take Maire to the secret cave in the Drafty Rift for a Pink Stone and Mind Shard A, either... remember, it can only be accessed on the Day of Air. Just jump down from the first platform (on the Gareth side), then jump left to reach it.

Then there's the Party House! Return to Autumn Hill, south of Nanabash, to make your purchase. Each house has unique decorations and scenes that increase various friendship levels. If you make your house really, really valuable, Chibi will award you the FP Rebate, which refills the FP meter of the character equipped with it upon using their signature 100-FP move. It can only be used once, but you can get more...

Speaking of that, after speaking with Tara back in Circlet, press the G key while sailing to play a minigame. It may seem daunting at first, but with practice, you can develop a method to complete it very quickly... and the faster you complete it, the better the prizes will be. You can earn many rare and powerful items, including more FP Rebates. Here's my recommended order of operations:

Darkness (drag)
Gold (drag)
Iron (drag)

My highest score ever was 24,030 points, with 137 moves. I got two FP Rebates!

Noteworthy Party House decorations include Table Tennis (from which you can win both Tennis Shoes and Motor Skates), the piano and Phoenixmas tree. Stay the night with the tree up, and the next day you'll find a Yule Bracelet underneath. On the piano, play J-J-K-L-K-J-H-J to earn a Soul of Fire. If you have 5,000 gold or more, Chibi will offer to remodel the bathroom if you say "hi" repeatedly.

When you're finished playing around, sail far east to Behgar.

Behgar Jungle

Proceed east through the jungle, diverging north occasionally for some treasure. You'll soon reach a section where you must cross a river by hopping vines while avoiding flying enemies. You can allay the risk of being knocked down by switching to Easy Mode. Beware the top-center chest in the "north clearing," as it's a trap that will poison your entire party. However, if you want recognition for having obtained all treasure, you'll need to open it.

Monique will go toe to toe against Raya in Rashidi Village. Don't underestimate her, and be sure to have some Pepp Pep handy if you're so inclined. With Raya, the ability to capture monsters finally becomes available. You can therefore complete some quests that require them, as well as obtain some unique equipment and abilities. Some monsters carry rare or exclusive equipment, like the Hoodlum's Butcher's Edge and the Vestal Vixen's Foxfire Claws, not to mention generally useful armor and accessories you may wish to relieve them of.

Other quest-related monsters include the Sylph (for the little girl in Circlet), Fire Mink and Vestal Vixen. With the mink and vixen both in the party, use the mink's Charm to teach it to the vixen, then have the vixen use Charm against the Kitsune in Fiyara Forest. You'll get a cherry blossom; take it to the young man at Hai Cliffs to get the awesome Lotus Charm, which increases EXP gain by 100%!

Back in the jungle, purchase the Aboriginal Boomerang and give it to either Lance or Raya (or both); it's an extremely useful weapon that strikes all enemies at once, and deals extra damage to insects. There will be a few particularly nasty insect-type enemies in the coming areas, so make provision. You can enter one of the huts from behind, too, and find a bunch of treasure inside. Give the Shark Skin to Raya if you're using her.

Beyond the village is another vine-climbing section, this time vertical. I'm not gonna lie, it's extremely difficult, so if you haven't the patience, just flip over to Easy and you won't have to worry about being knocked down. At the top of the cliff is a small glade with a couple of treasures hidden in the trees; do grab them, then board the raft. To get all the treasure in the river, go right, left, then straight. Equip Wood Shard A on Raya.

In the jungle maze, follow Raya's directions: left, left, up, right, down, right, down, up. Activate the Plutonic Portal on your way into Maia's Garden, and don't neglect the treasure inside the palace after the battle.

BOSS: Lupe
This isn't a terribly difficult fight, but Lupe can certainly throw a monkey wrench into things if he wants. Avoid fighting him on the Day of the Moon and possibly Water; Sun may be best. He'll knock someone out with his 4-ton weight and eliminate one ally from the battle with the dimensional zapper. Keep piling on the damage as he heals; his little stockpile of gothic dope won't last forever.

Mt. Golgotha

Sail to the southern tip of Behgar and begin your ascent of Mt. Golgotha. As I said, the Aboriginal Boomerangs will lay the smackdown on the hordes of vicious insects here, and those to come. In the second area, that is, "Area 2," follow the path to the right, up to the locked door. Check the large skull by the wall to open a path, then go back around and make your way to the hole (you'll pass through a secret opening in one of the walls). Head straight down, procure the Skeleton Key, then go right in the hallway, dropping through another hole. Retrace your steps back to the locked door, and pass through.

In the third and final area, vines hang from the highest cliffs, and they're longer on the Day of Earth, allowing you to reach yet another hole and obtain the sinister Samhain Bracelet. Activate the Plutonic Portal in front of Castle Dragonheart, and make sure it ISN'T the Day of Earth when you go in there. For now, return to Hai and restock your inventory. Buy 50 or more Power Drinks (no joke), maybe 20 Life Elixirs if you can afford them... and several of each status restorative, especially Antibiotics, Eye Drops and Honey Dew (as their respective ailments persist after battle). Antibiotics are less important if Monique has taught Raya Detox.

Castle Dragonheart

This is by far the most complex dungeon yet, and requires ample strategy both to traverse and succeed in battle. As stated, don't come on the Day of Earth, as the boss's "Stomp" attack will be powered up double, and you probably don't have HP high enough to withstand it. On the Day of Aether (directly after Earth), it's halved in strength. But weigh your options, and know the risks! Prevalent Dragon Wizards bombard you with fire, ice, and lightning attacks, all powered up on their respective days. On the Day of Air, you can skip a challenging chain-walking section by riding the wind, but the boss's Electric Current will be powered up (which you can reflect anyway using Monique & Lala's "Reflection" Combo). On the Day of Water, a tunnel of lava is cooled, allowing you safe passage without being harmed by each step... and you'll traverse that section quite a few times. In any case, once you unlock the path to the boss, you can leave and change the day again if you like.

Once inside, go right and down into the basement. In the second basement, you can find a Red Stone by passing through the wall to the right. After that, cross the series of skipping rocks, heading generally east and north. You'll climb back up to the first basement, and the aforementioned tunnel of lava. Hoof it straight up to the next floor, which is a maze of flying fireballs that send you back to the entrance if they hit you. Carefully make your way to the upper left, where you'll find a crystal ball. Change the color of the flames and proceed onward.

After traversing several floors both inside and out, you'll come to a chamber with exits in the four cardinal directions (including the west exit, from whence you came). Go south, down to the next floor, which has a solitary statue. Press through the walls to the right and left to find hidden treasure. Then go down the stairs into another hall, following the path to the right.

You'll be outside again. Keep going right, and descend the stairs. Check the gargoyle that's missing a jewel in its pedestal to reveal yet another staircase. At the bottom, you'll obtain the first of three Etheric Light, which you need to reach the boss. Trek back to the room with four exits, and exit east this time. Walk along the balcony, taking care when you reach two chests; the left one is booby-trapped, and will blind your party. As with the trapped chest in the jungle, it counts toward your treasure total.

Continue along the balcony. You'll wrap around to the front of the castle, and find another crystal ball in a small room above the main entrance. Change the color of the flames again. Continuing left along the balcony, you can find more treasure including some gold, a Rusty Axe, and another trapped chest containing explosives that reduce your party's HP to critical levels.

Travel back to the room with four exits. The blue flames will be gone, allowing you to further ascend to the highest reaches of the castle. You can also go back to the west balcony and reach two chests in a lower room that were previously blocked by blue flames. After that, climb up to 5F, where the path again splits. If it's the Day of Air, you can jump up the ledges to the top of the castle. Otherwise, you'll have to brave the chains. The chains can be cleared with precision and patience. The enemies move slower on Easy, as they did in the jungle. You can find a rare Angel Feather by climbing down at the junction. At the very top, you'll find another Etheric Light. Step on the sigil to warp back down.

Make note of your current position. Go back to the crystal above the main entrance, change the flames to blue again, and return to the same spot. Now go left, and down the stairs. You'll be in the lava-filled tunnel again (or not lava-filled, if it's the Day of Water). Return to the second basement with the skipping rocks, and turn straight left. Follow the trail until you reach the end of the map. At this point, you'll enter a tunnel where you must escape a wall of lava. It's extremely tedious, so switch over to Easy Mode if you don't feel like giving it half a dozen tries.

At the end, you'll begin climbing a tower. Go through the wall to the right to find a Black Stone (make it an Onyx Ring when you get the chance), then climb to the top and claim the third and final Etheric Light. Walk out onto the balcony and step on the sigil to warp to the beginning of the dungeon. You can now obtain the two treasures that were blocked by red flames before; Dragon Mail and a Dragonblade. Equip them appropriately, depending on your party.

Unfortunately, you can't reach the dragon's lair now that the flames are blue, so you'll have to get a little crafty. From the main hall, go right and down to the basement, then right again and up the stairs. You'll be in the fireball maze. As the flames are blue, you can't reach the crystal to change them... however, you can now enter the room to the upper-right. Maneuver through the flames to reach Fire Shard B, and give it to Leo. Then take the lower-right exit in the fireball maze.

It's that darn lava tunnel again. Rather than going straight down, instead turn right and go up the stairs. Keep going until you arrive at the room with four exits once again, and exit left. Walk along the balcony and pass through the following rooms to reach the crystal from the other side. Change the flames to red, and exit south. It's the fireball maze again. Make your way to the lower-right exit as before. Can you believe it? The lava tunnel. Take heart, we're almost done. Go straight down this time, and skip the rocks in reverse to reach the main hall. Triumphantly march straight up to the dragon's lair, offer the three lights upon the braziers, and enter the dragon's mouth. Step on the phoenix to heal, and make your final preparations to fight the boss. Leave and restock if you must (Pepp Peps, and so on). You can also change the day of the week at an inn, if it suits you. Then return to the castle and walk straight up to 5F.

BOSS: Giga Golem

This beast is a beast, believe you me. The best way to beat it is to administer a taste of its own medicine. Due to its usage of Force Field, it'll reflect normal magic attacks (but not Combos). So use Monique & Lala's Reflection, and that'll block Electric Current and Giga Laser, two of its deadliest attacks. The Giga Golem is weak to Wood, and Leaf Cutter can inflict surprising damage on the Day of the Sun. Lance & Raya learn a Combo called Viridian Whirlwind that's 4x stronger on the Day of Air. Watch out for its Stomp, and be prepared to heal afterwards.

After the Giga Golem, return to Fiyara and proceed northwest through the forest, to the desert.

Fiyara Desert

Your objective here is to loop around from the right and flip the switch to open the gate. To the west is the D-Rank Arena and Air Shard B, which you can only reach on the Day of Air at this point. It's brutally difficult, so you may just want to wait until you get the ship in Glymac, and plan your visit on the optimal day of the week. Your prize will be the Luchador Mask, headwear for male characters that offers a big boost to attack power.


As in Ashe, your health will be constantly drained due to the intense heat on the Day of the Sun. On the Day of Air, the sandstorms will very annoyingly blind you, but the dunes shift and you can reach treasure you otherwise couldn't obtain.

BOSS: Fire Antlion

Its attacks are more powerful on the days of Sun and Fire, so try for Moon or Water instead. At half health, it'll increase its defenses, though the effect will wear off after several turns. A pretty fun trick is to steal the Bug Masher from the Fire Antlion, equip it, and proceed to bash the boss with it. If you're using Maire, cast Empower on the character with the Bug Masher (Leo, Monique, and Tatiana can all equip hammers). Alternatively, you could spam Battle Cry with Lala along with Shriek. Other options include Monique and Lance's Defense Pierce, or Leo's Armor Crush (at Level 20) if you've learned it. Don't sell the Falchion it drops, at least not yet... it may prove useful for a future boss.


There's some fantastic equipment sold here, including three weapons that hit the entire enemy party (Fire Chakram, Razorwind, and Bladed Top), the interesting Crescent Lance (more powerful on the Day of the Moon), and the awesome Dragon Trousers, which you should probably purchase for everyone. If you've got a spare Silk Scarf, you can use the Red Yarn you'll find by the armor shop to make a Battle Scarf at the tailor's.

The Red Yarn is also used for a quest in Fiyara, to make the Red Panda Suit. You can steal more from the Flying Tigers in Behgar Jungle, so no worries (you can also do this to make more Battle Scarves, if you wish). You have access to a lot of attack-boosting equipment now, and the combination of a Battle Scarf, the Luchador Mask, a couple of Strength Rings, and maybe the Empowering Armlet will make for a devastating setup. As always, be sure to capitalize on your enemies' weaknesses (especially bosses) by using the appropriate weapons. You can change your equipment mid-battle, so it's helpful to keep some alternate weapons handy for each character depending on the situation... like swapping out for the Crescent Lance on the Day of the Moon, or giving everyone swords or katana for the upcoming battle with the Scourge.

There's a pharmacy in Fiyara where you can mix items to create new, more powerful restoratives (as well as White Ether and Dark Tonic). I definitely recommend that you concoct a healthy supply of Refreshers, and at least a few Hyper Blends. Conveniently, you can buy many of the required ingredients at the item shop right next door.

Don't forget to check the phoenix emblem on the carpet in the royal palace for another Phoenix Feather. You can also find a Scroll of Promotion in a bookcase on the second floor, and a bunch of items in Reia's bedchamber... of course, bear in mind that these all count as thefts!

BOSS: The Scourge

Guard on the first turn, as he always opens with a hearty Dragon Whip. Guard whenever he builds power, as well. As I said, equip swords and katana on whoever can use them (including the recently acquired Dragonblade and Silver Katana). The Dragon Claws sold in Fiyara are also a fantastic choice, especially on Raya. He hits hard and has some deadly skills, but you only need to deplete half of his HP before the event takes over.

Mt. Marine

Like the Great Wetlands, the day of the week dramatically alters the terrain here. Generally, the Day of Sun allows you to obtain most of the items, though there are a couple that are only available on the Day of Water (including one you get by skipping across a lilypad within the well by the inn, near the top of the mountain). The enemies can give you a run for your money if they get the chance; watch out for the Volt Dragons' Thunderstorm, Tengu's Wing Blast and Tornado Blade, and Magikappa's Shell Spin. Eliminating the competition quickly mitigates the risk (i.e. by using Combos).

On the Day of the Sun, the riverbeds are dry, allowing you to retrieve Light Shard B from a cave that's obscured by a waterfall on any other day. You can also climb the slopes on the western trail and easily reach the summit, but you still may wish to explore the rest of the mountain for treasure. If it's not the Day of the Sun, you have to traverse that section by sliding down the slopes from the top in order to collect the treasure. A maze of Plutonic Portals comprises a large section of Mt. Marine.

After a story event in the summit shrine, you'll go to the Border Bridge and face an onslaught of encounters. The first couple aren't bad, but the War Horses constantly use Rush, paralyzing your party. Eliminate them quickly with a Combo that strikes all enemies at once. In the next battle, kill one Land Mine at a time to avoid being wiped out. You'll end the fight with a character down, and will be given the opportunity to replace them for the actual boss.

BOSS: Vril Weapon

A multi-part boss, like Ruiner in E1. You may wish to add Monique and Lala to your party for this fight solely for Reflection, to protect you against its many nasty status ailments. As always, guard when it prepares its attack. For a brief period following Gigablast, the weapon's defenses are down, but you may wish to use this period to recover the party instead; weigh the risks.

While the treads don't actually attack you, it may be advantageous to take them out first, to keep the Vril Weapon's agility in check. On the other hand, you could go for the main hull instead, so you don't have to deal with Gigablast... then the arms, then finish off the harmless treads. Equip a couple of Froggie Brooches if you have them. The Vril Weapon absorbs Fire, Water and Ice, resists Air and Earth, and is weak to Wood and Thunder. Remember that even if you don't have attacks or spells with those elements, you can equip rings (such as the Topaz Ring, crafted from a Yellow Stone at the jeweler's) to apply the effect to your physical attacks.

The Vril Weapon is Aquan type, so spears are effective, especially the Crescent Lance on the Day of the Moon. Equipping the Angler's Bangle will also give you an advantage, but not if you're already using something innately effective against aquans (like spears or katana).

Rest up at the nearby farm, but make sure it's NOT the Day of the Moon (or Aether) when you enter Glymac University Park. Save the Golden Omelette for the upcoming boss battle.

Glymac University Park

The people here are not nice, so brace yourself. Before you enter the Psychic Institute, go to the eastern shopping district and restock your inventory. You'll also want to buy several accessories: Timepieces, Mirror Specs, and Temperance Rings for everyone in the active battle party (meaning five each). If you can't afford all that and don't have enough to sell for it, just do the best you can, because you will need it.

After talking to all of the students in the classroom, use the Golden Omelette before talking to Dr. Sylvan; it'll give you an edge.

BOSS: Psychos

In keeping with his namesake, this boss will seriously mess with your mind (and certainly try your patience in so doing). He regularly flips polarity; when his red side is facing you, only physical attacks will work, while only magic is effective on the blue half. The twist is that throughout the battle, Psychos induces neuroses that prevent you from using either physical attacks or magic. During these times, you'll basically not be able to do anything except guard, though Combos are always fair game. This fight can take a long time as a result. But here's a little secret: Ananda's "Garima" works on either side, and it's more powerful on the Day of Earth. However, once Psychos disables Skills, it becomes unusable. If you need to change the day of the week, you can do so by sleeping on the farm again.

Remember how I said to save the Falchion? That's because Psychos is weak to it, but only while showing his red side. He also absorbs Light and is weak to Darkness, including attacks from characters wearing an Onyx Ring. Sky & Ananda's Combo, Temporal Rift, may also deal some damage if you've learned it.


At low health, Psychos will use Dark Psyche (that's why I said don't come here on the Day of the Moon; it's weaker on Sun) and Gnosis, maxing out his Intellect, then enter Hyper Mode. At this point, his neuroses will abate and any attack, physical or otherwise, will connect. In Hyper Mode, he gets two actions per turn, and combined with his supreme Intellect, that spells trouble. Throw everything you have at him to finish him off as quickly as possible.

Following the battle, you can find Dr. Sylvan at the beach on the island to the southwest if it's the Day of Aether. Endure his ramblings to earn Mind Shard B, and give it to Maire.

Glymac Forest

This is a relatively short area. There are a few hidden treasures you can find via secret paths in the trees. Beware of the enemy encounters here, and heaven help you especially if you're ambushed by Lynxes, Domovois or Squirrel Sergeants. You should have lots of strong attack magic by now, so make good use of it if the day is in your favor.


Mythril equipment is sold here, very powerful and also very pricey. Buy everyone in your active party a Mythril Cuirass and Combat Boots; they'll protect you from the next boss's crippling debuffs. Make note of Manny & Jorge's Newsstand; after you witness the scene with the ponies in Natesboro, return with said intel to receive the Filly Buster, a unique weapon that deals a lot of damage to "hooved" enemies (and the Sea Pegasus, just so it doesn't feel left out). There's a shieldmaker who makes elemental shields using silver as a base, along with two of the respective stones. If you have the resources, outfit your team appropriately (Monique would benefit from a Topaz Shield, for example; Sapphire for Leo, Ruby for Cloe, and so forth).

Glymac Mines

This whole dungeon is basically one big time trial. Once you locate the first console, you have five minutes to reach the next. You get ten minutes on Easy Mode. There's some treasure tucked away in hidden passages. It can be pretty confusing with having to switch the tracks, so I'll do my best to provide some guidance:

After taking the first cart, get right back in. From there, go up to the next floor and activate the console. Back at the mine cart, switch the tracks and then jump in. Immediately get back in, and repeat at the next stop. You'll be back at the beginning. Race up to the floor above, circling the pit clockwise until you reach the uppermost stairs. Activate the Level 2 (yellow) console and return to the cart. Get in, flip the switch, and get in again. Get in again, flip the switch, then get in again. Is your head spinning yet?

Now, descend to B5. Make your way to the far right, and descend to B6. Beware the third chest, as it's a Lynx ambush. Down on B6, head left, and generally northwest. You'll find the final (red, Level 3) console. Release the lock, then make your way back to the cart. If you flip the switch, you can pick up Ashura's Jasper from the southeastern terminus of the rail complex. Otherwise, just get in, and at the next stop, open the chest to the right; it's Iron Shard A for Tatiana, and you should equip it immediately. The chest on the left is a group of five Land Mines, just like you fought on the bridge. You can drive them off with a Frog Leg or Pixie Bell if you have any, but you won't earn any gold or experience points. Like the other trapped chests, it counts toward your total.

Flip the switch and enter the cart one last time. At your final stop, race to the end, past the bridge, and the timer will stop. Step on the red tile to recover and save your game, but DO NOT warp outside. This is merely a failsafe in case you come back to the mines looking for treasure or encyclopedia entries and the like. Get in the next cart... or rather, if you've no taste for lunacy, switch to Easy Mode and then enter the cart. This allows you to skip the insane rail-jumping challenge. But then you'll also fight the boss on Easy, as you won't have the opportunity to switch. No big loss, right?

BOSS: Ishmael

Equipped with the Mythril Cuirass and Combat Boots, this fight really isn't that bad, except for the fact that Combos are disabled. But you've still got your 100-FP moves on your side, like Leo's Double Critical and Raya's Monster Mash (very powerful if you took the time to catch several easy monsters in previous areas). The only hitch might be Blades of Wrath, which Tatiana can mitigate with Iron Curtain.

Section 7: Noble of the Sea

Following the battle with Ishmael, you'll be given a bigger, better ship. Beware of sailing on the days of Water and Moon, as the outer sea enemies will handily hand you your butt (I know from experience). Sun and Fire are safer. As soon as you gain control, sail south to the shrine on the little island. Talk to the mystic there and Maire will learn the all-useful Teleport, which will make life a lot more convenient.

Next, sail to the east side of Hobo Island, and enter the cave by the falls (you could also just Teleport there, hehe). Here you'll obtain Time Shard C for Sky, which contains (among other things) Daybreak. Now you can change the day of the week without having to stay at an inn, suffering no Attribute penalties.

Your next stop should be Sequoia's Cave, in the far northeast of the map. She'll give you the Coral Bell and enhance your Combos to become stronger when chained.


Haine is your next recommended destination. On the way there, you might as well stop at the Convent of Resurrection, where you can obtain a few helpful items, including several Pillows. Note the locked door behind the Pool of Resurrection (along with any others you've come across, including those in Winstar and Fiyara).

Finally, once you reach the island of Haine, enter the little town of Natesboro and go into the saloon. Speak to the barkeep to trigger a cutscene, after which you'll recruit Sylvester and Kayla. Billy challenges Sylvester to a race, so head north to Nathan's Pass. It's much easier to complete on Easy, naturally. After the race, go back into the northern end of Nathan's Pass and pick up the glittering rock, which happens to be Earth Shard A for Kayla. Then walk west to the gorge and enter the cave beyond to claim the Rosetta Keystone. Before you leave, circle around back and grab Gold Shard A.


~Appendix A~
Attribute Test Results

Question 1
Yes: Valor/Imprudence/Bloodlust + 0.1
No: Cowardice/Wisdom/Compassion + 0.1

Question 2
Yes: Wisdom/Sloth + 0.1
No: Imprudence/Diligence + 0.1

Question 3
Yes: Compassion + 0.1
No: Avarice/Coldness + 0.1

Question 4
Yes: Diligence/Avarice + 0.1
No: Sloth/Charisma + 0.1

Question 5
Yes: Virtue/Coldness + 0.1
No: Bloodlust + 0.1

Question 6
Yes: Charisma/Cowardice + 0.1
No: Virtue/Valor + 0.1

Attribute Modifiers

VALOR: + HP/Attack/Defense/Agility

WISDOM: + EF/Intellect/Will

COMPASSION: + HP/Luck, - Attack

DILIGENCE: + Defense/Intellect/Agility



COWARDICE: - Attack/Defense

IMPRUDENCE: - Defense/Agility

BLOODLUST: + Attack, - Intellect

SLOTH: - Intellect/Will/Agility


COLDNESS: - Will/Luck

Attribute Advisory
I suffered problems with low Attack power (possibly due to scoring high on Compassion, and many of the early-game characters naturally contributing Compassion to the party). To avoid this, you’d want to score high on Valor and Bloodlust, which would mean answering Yes on Question 1 and No on Questions 5 & 6. You wouldn’t be able to take advantage of high Virtue in this case, however, unless you sacrificed a point of Bloodlust by answering Yes on Question 5 instead. To minimize Avarice, answer Yes on Question 3 and No on Question 4. But then you’ll be in danger of high Sloth unless you answer No on Question 2… and in that case, you’ll have high Imprudence instead. So you just have to pick your poison; there’s no getting out of it.
Here are a few scenarios based on these principles:

Yes, Yes, Yes, No, No, No
High Valor/Bloodlust/Sloth, low Diligence/Cowardice/Avarice/Coldness

Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes, No
High Valor/Virtue/Imprudence, low Wisdom/Cowardice/Avarice

Yes, Yes, Yes, No, Yes, No
High Valor/Virtue/Sloth, low Diligence/Cowardice/Avarice

Yes, No, Yes, No, No, No
High Valor/Imprudence/Bloodlust, low Wisdom/Cowardice/Avarice/Coldness

…So we therefore observe that you cannot have both high Virtue and high Bloodlust differentials at the same time (seems natural, really). As you need Wisdom to learn many combos, I don’t recommend that you short-change yourself in that regard. Just for fun (and quite possibly frustration), invert these answers to turn your Attributes upside down! It’s almost like a makeshift difficulty adjustment… :o

~Appendix C~
Note: Combo and skill learning as of Episode 2.

Rose Waltz: Sky/Monique @50
Martial Waltz: Sky/Monique @50; Valor @40; Diligence @30; Charisma @20; Bloodlust @10
Serenade: Sky/Monique @50; Charisma @20
Sakura Slash: Sky/Cloe @25; Valor/Diligence @10
Sword Cross: Sky/Leo @20
Sword Trine: Sky/Monique/Leo @30
Tetra Force: Sky/Monique/Cloe/Leo @40
Freezing Rain: Monique/Cloe @50; Wisdom @10
Steam Cover: Monique/Leo @50; Wisdom @10
Cold Blaze: Cloe/Leo @50; Wisdom @10
Bushwhack: Sky/Elwyn @50 pts. w/ 70 Bloodlust/Avarice
Aquarius: Monique/Elwyn @50 pts. w/ 60 Wisdom
Polaris: Cloe/Elwyn @50 pts. w/ 60 Wisdom
Comet Flare: Leo/Elwyn @50 pts. w/ 60 Wisdom
Luna Power: Elwyn/Lala @20 pts. w/ 80 Valor
Luna Guard: Elwyn/Lala @30 pts. w/ 80 Compassion
Nightscape: Elwyn/Lala @40 pts. w/ 50 Wisdom
Phase Change: Sky/Lala @50 pts. w/ 28 Days Total
Reflection: Monique/Lala @50 pts. w/ 70 Wisdom
Catfight: Cloe/Lala @50 pts. w/ 70 Bloodlust
Flare Dazzle: Leo/Lala @50 pts. w/ 80 Wisdom
Fancy Frolic: Sky/Lance @50 pts. w/ 40 Charisma (and they both must know Strut and Flirt)
Whirlbind: Sky/Lance @50 pts. w/ 70 Wisdom
Regal Cut: Monique/Lance @20 pts.
Rapid Thrust: Monique/Lance @50 pts.
Hurricane: Monique/Lance @50 pts. w/ 40 Wisdom
Blizzard: Cloe/Lance @50 pts. w/ 40 Wisdom
Pillar of Fire: Leo/Lance @50 pts. w/ 40 Wisdom
Sword Quartet: Sky/Monique/Leo/Lance @40 pts.

Skill Learning from Friendship
Giggle: Monique learns from Sky @10 pts.
Strut: Monique learns from Sky @20 pts. (if he knows it) ; Lance learns from Monique @20 pts. (if she knows it)
Flirt: Monique learns from Sky @30 pts. (if he knows it) ; Lance learns from Monique @30 pts. (if she knows it)
Massage: Sky learns from Monique @30 pts. (if she knows it)
Chivalry: Sky learns from Monique @40 pts. ; Leo learns from Sky @30 pts. w/ 20 Virtue (if he knows it) ; Lance learns from Leo @40 pts. w/ 40 Virtue (if he knows it)
Snooze: Sky learns from Cloe @25 pts. w/ 10 Sloth/Imprudence
Fan Guard: Monique learns from Cloe @30 pts. @ Level 16 (if she knows it)
Retaliate: Sky learns from Leo @30 pts. w/ 20 Valor
Vanguard: Monique learns from Leo @30 pts. @ Level 16 (if he knows it) ; Lance learns from Leo @30 pts. w/ 60 Valor (if he knows it)
Steal: Sky learns from Elwyn @50 pts. w/ 50 Avarice
Drain Lance: Monique learns from Lance @50 pts. w/ 50 Bloodlust (if he knows it)
Defense Pierce: Monique learns from Lance @50 pts. w/ 50 Diligence (if he knows it)
Trash Talk: Elwyn learns from Cloe @40 pts. w/ 20 Coldness (if she knows it)
Hide: Elwyn learns from Cloe @40 pts. w/ 30 Cowardice (if she knows it)
Hone: Lance learns from Leo @20 pts. w/ 70 Diligence (if he knows it)
Crimson Luster: Lance learns @50 pts. w/ Leo and 70 Virtue
Azure Luster: Lance learns @50 pts. w/ Monique & Cloe and 70 Virtue

~Appendix E~
Enemy Type Weaknesses

BEAST: Whip/Ball
INSECT: Boomerang/Hammer
AQUAN: Polearm/Katana
UNDEAD: Scythe/Cross
DEMON: Blade/Cross
AVIAN: Bow/Gun
MORPH: Knuckles/Claws
REPTILE: Sword/Katana
PLANT: Axe/Scythe
MACHINE: Disc/Card
NYMPH: Fan/Flail
FAIRY: Chakram/Fan
SPIRIT: Staff/Card
CHIBI: Hammer/Club
IMP: Flail/Club
YOUNG: Knuckles/Staff
INORGANIC: Pinwheel/Top
MAGE: Blade/Knife
WARRIOR: Katar/Nunchaku

~Appendix F~


Every monster either gives a gift or transforms when certain Affection levels are reached. Typically these are one-and-a-half hearts, three hearts, and seven full hearts. As you can feed monsters once a day, it would take two in-game weeks to raise a monster to full affection and receive all the benefits thereof. Of course, you can feed as many monsters per day as you can afford. I don't recommend abusing inns to change the day. Instead, wait until you have the skill Daybreak, then you can change the day as often as you like while suffering no penalties (only the EF cost). In a future update, there will also be an item that lets you feed a monster an unlimited number of times.

Use this list to determine which monsters are worth nurturing, and avoid wasting time (and money, for food) on the lesser rewards.

Sluggard: Tiny Shell, Blue Stone, Transform (depends on your Attributes which shell/abilities it gets)

Sylph: Pixie Bell, Green Stone, Lilliput Staff (inflicts Shrink status upon target)

Undine: Platinum Hairpin, Neptune's Sapphire, Pisces Signet

Deadbat: Death Tag, Black Stone, Nyx's Onyx (slated to transform in a future update, replacing the Death Tag)

Dragon Knight: Scale Shield, Dragon Mail, Dragonblade

Golem: Red Stone, Mythril Ore, Transform (now you can Stomp your enemies into submission)

Bull Boy: Binding Belt, Taurus Signet, Mask of Masochismus (enables damage received to fill the FP gauge)

Bandit: Silver Knife, Bandit Band, Klepto Ring (allows the wearer to steal items)

Gnome: Silver Axe, Stone Axe, Dwarven Axe

Cutterpillar: Silk Scarf, Transform, Transform (check on it every day during its second stage)

Fire Mink: Heat Guard, Fire Scarf, Soul of Fire

Vestal Vixen: Pyrite, Flame Cloak, Transform (Kitsama's flamin' hot sistah)

Bad Kitty: Spiked Whip, Wreck Flail, Black Leather Corset

Salamander: Basilisk Eye, Fafnir's Ruby, Dragon Claws

Hoodlum: Dark Tonic, Samhain Bracelet, Invisibility Cloak

Howler: Sleepy Flute, Silver Ring, Brave Badge

Jack Mage: Archmage Hat, Wizard Rod, Pumpkin Brooch (halves EF costs and creates weaknesses to Darkness/Fire)

Wax Maiden: Infernal Candle, Ectoplasm, White Ether

Succubaby: Pink Stone, Insomnia Choker, Transform

Missy Medusa: Purple Stone, Little Pearl, Transform

Queen Bee: Honey Dew, Charm Stick, Radiant Soma

Swordlily: Rage Dust, Berserk Herb, Maia's Jade

Harpy: Pretty Feather, Golden Feather, Angel Feather

Garuda: Zephyrite, Ziz's Emerald, Vishnu Mantle (protects you from Combo: Samsara's backfire damage)

Axolotl: Refresher, Hyper Blend, Dragon Scale

Frog Fencer: Froggie Brooch, Froggie Shield, Froggie Foil (inflicts Frog status upon target)

Cradle Croc: Slimy Scale, Crocodilian Leathers, Transform

Dryad: Garland, Fairy Charm, Leaf of Life

Tardigrade: Water Silk, Aquarite, Tiny Talisman

Arachne: Silk Gown, Royal Thread, Spider Web

Dragon Fighter: Dragon Crest, Dragon Nunchaku, Master Headband

Sea Monkey: Sun Wukung Staff, Sea Chime, Monkey Glove (allows wearer to dual-wield weapons)

Calvary Cavalier: Peep Bug, Bug Masher, Calvary Helm

Joker Devil: Frog Leg, Joker Deck, Coat of Many Colors

Dragon Wizard: Dragon Cane, Dragon Heels, Dragon Dress

Synergy Sisters: Black Ribbon, Gemini Signet, Inverse Charm (wearer increases opposite Attributes, ideal for Cloe)

Warrior Lamia: Dragon Tiara, Heart of Diamonds, Sword of Iblis

Lady Samurai: Silver Katana, Dragon Chakram, Twinblade Katana (attacks twice, goes great with Sky's Twin Soul)

Ogreborg: Thor's Hammer, Ogre Axe, Titan's Maul

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