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Music (E7)


 Title Theme

A pulsing, rhythmic beat with higher states of consciousness in mind. It ascends to the heavenly realms, then meanders into the depths of the psyche, and finally arrives at the door of destiny that lies between as the bell of decision beckons.

 The Circle of Eternity

The hub of all timeframes and subdivisions... you might call it the center of the universe. I recorded this when I first got my keyboard in December 2009. Based on the main theme, it also accompanied the "flying in space" demo showcased on this site. The tick-tock beat is meant to convey E7's emphasis on time travel.

 Main Theme (guitar + piano)

The original rendition of E7's main theme, played by me and my dad.

 Main Theme (guitar only)

Guitar-only version of the main theme. I imagine it would accompany dialogue.

 Main Theme (elec. piano)

A softer rendition that incorporates the main series theme music as well.

 Main Theme ~ Love

A variation of the main theme intended for the scene where Crystal witnesses romantic love for the first time, and realizes she wants it.

 The Seven Evils

Yet another take on the main theme, this time for the Seven Evils' lairs.

 Kairi's Theme

The song Kairi leads humanity to sing in unison in order to unite as one and ascend to the Absolute. The bridge to the final flourish was based on the three-and-a-half coils of kundalini, and the accompanying lyrics are "Hope, now arise within me... Faith, now arise within me... Love, now arise within me... Love, peace, and joy... Rise!" I wrote and recorded this during (or preceding) my spiritual pursuits in 2013.

 Kairi's Theme ver.2

A shorter version of Kairi's theme meant for the morning after her vision from Simona, when she ponders her newly-awakened potential.


This is to play immediately following Kairi's song, when all of humanity unites in spirit and awakens to its collective potential.


And immediately following "Awakening," this short piece conveys the urgency to ascend and stop Eva from triggering a universal collapse.

 The Final Battle

A (very) short sample of what I intended to be the final battle theme, which was supposed to be a very fast and dramatic version of the main theme. But I didn't (and still don't) have the skill to complete it, so I've just had to make do with this...


When the battle's over, and the new dawn has come... punctuated by a reminder of where it all started. And after that, Esther's Lullaby from E1, which itself was based on the Ending theme my dad composed all the way back in 2006, mere months after the project began.

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