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All Things to All



The road to E7 was every bit as long and twisty as the plot itself. Essentially, the E1-E6 series may be likened to a dotted line, with E7 filling in the blanks. Espousing time travel, its world and story are split alike into separate timeframes, and further into subdivisions of those timeframes. The information given of the characters in E1-E6 is only a base, with the full extent of their lives to be fully explored in E7, as well as how they are linked to their ancestors and descendants... drawing a complete genealogical diagram for our heroes.

As the second installment in the Dyad of Divinity, E7 also touches upon higher states of consciousness and transcendence more broadly, including the Seven Planes. The ultimate conflict of the plot is rooted here, and the Seven Evils themselves - puppetmasters of the human race, only hinted at throughout the rest of the series - are finally confronted. But the biggest shock is that there's an even darker, more malevolent force pulling their strings...

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