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Music (E6)


 Title Theme

This one is based on a vocal track written by my father and I, called "The Place Beyond Dreams". It was conceived as the main theme of E6.

 The Dream Shrine

The music for the Dream Shrine in Alchera, the virtual heart of E6. A piece composed by me and my dad, the outcome was slow and meditative, even borderline somber. I like the little chair creak at the end, it's authentic. :P

 Wilderness Man (adaptation)

My attempt to adapt a song written by my dad decades ago, about Moses. I wanted it to be the first world map theme, before Cugei ushers in the flood of darkness. So it's sort of fitting as an accompaniment to the cast's "exodus" to the Dream Shrine. It was never completed, though...

 Wilderness Man (original)

And here's the original track, salvaged from a cassette tape recorded at our church on New Year's Eve, 1994. Those are our friends Brian Williams and George Weber on the electric guitar and drums, respectively. Music from this same session was used for some scenes in Haine in E2, such as the saloon and horse race.

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