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Similar to E4, the story of E6 is divided into chapters focused on specific groups of characters. At one point or another, they all decide to consult the Dream Swami for guidance concerning their troubling dreams. The discrete plotlines then converge and move toward their resolution:

GROUP 1: Luminaya/Mila/Rita/Drake/Shelly/Tanya/Kerani

GROUP 2: Miles/Gauge/Shane/Fionn/Velvet/Fidel/Janice

GROUP 3: Dimitri/Estella/Ezra/Sybil

GROUP 4: Celeste/Grace/Alora

GROUP 5: Isobel/Nadia/Keira

When Luminaya consults the Dream Swami, who helps him achieve lucidity in his dreams, he comes face-to-face with the King of Dreams, who grants him the seal. With both the seal and trumpet, Luminaya assumes Entheos and awakens in his capacity as the Saint of Discipline. With his divine power, the Light of Righteousness, he slays the seven Nightmare Kings who have enshrouded the world in a Flood of Darkness: Aamon, Marchosias, Samyaza, Adrammelech, Alabasandria, Baphomet, and Samael.

With the Nightmare Kings' defeat, the seven chakras associated with them, and in which they disrupted the process of enlightenment and psychospiritual evolution of human beings, are unlocked. Functioning in their full capacity, the heroes confront Cugei, who orchestrated it all from the beginning.

Cugei cruelly targets Mila, undoing the healing Luminaya had performed on her. Furious, Luminaya subdues Cugei and banishes him to the underworld. Holding Mila in his arms as the Floodwaters recede and light shines upon the world once again, Luminaya prays for the countless souls Cugei took to Hell with him, assuring them that their savior is coming. In his mind's eye, Luminaya sees a somehow familiar, spiky-haired silhouette wearing a bandana, that fades to white...

To be continued in Elements: Soul of Fire.


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