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E6's chakra balancing system. Energy accumulated through dreaming may be allocated to either the light or dark half of each chakra, unlocking new traits and abilities. There are penalties for indulging in too much nightmare energy, however, which may result in hazardous psychospiritual blockages. This could mean loss of abilities or the inability to progress further down certain paths until the blockage is cleared, again, through dreaming.

While characters normally dream about everyday occurrences or occasionally their past, certain types of incense can be used to induce specific kinds of dreams, including Lucid Incense to induce lucid dreams, or even Nightmare Incense to induce nightmares (dangerous, but useful if you wish to harvest nightmare energy). Dreams may naturally take a different course without the use of incense, as well, such as spontaneously achieving lucidity, or dreams suddenly turning into nightmares. These proclivities are influenced by the balance of the respective individual's chakras; focusing on the dark side will result in more nightmares, which could adversely affect the character. Lucid nightmares are especially devastating, possibly resulting in permanently damaged stats.

Pumping a given chakra full of any kind of dream energy, period, could result in an imbalance; hence the importance of balancing all chakras evenly. Of course, you don't have to, but you may wish you had in the end...


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