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Future "Pappy" of Leonardo and Leah in E1, having taken on the Ostrica tribe's mantle of leadership after Pingala's passing. He begins having unsettling dreams that he believes may be linked to a past life, and some unresolved issue, so sets out for the "Dream Shrine" in Alchera to consult with the Swami there. Luminaya's past life in antiquity is then revealed, in which he and Cugei were brothers living happily with their parents, Abi and Lynn, in the village of Iskar, at the base of the Mountains of Moor. But one day, their village was raided, and their father killed. The boys and their mother were separated and subsequently sold into slavery.

Luminias and Keiju (as they were called in their previous lives) were adopted by a priest of Talmut and served as his acolytes. The scholarly Luminias served faithfully, but Keiju could not forget their mother. He ran away to search for her, and was distraught to find that she became a concubine of the Sultan of Korna. Keiju assaulted the sultan as Lynn sat at his feet, serving him. He was thrown into the dungeon and scheduled to be executed, but Lynn pleaded with her master to spare his life, and he granted her request because he loved her. Lynn asked to speak with Keiju one last time, and visited him in the dungeon. After an emotional farewell, Keiju returned to Talmut and began searching the mystical texts for a means to gain power and save his mother.

Luminias aided him in spite of the priests' warnings that Keiju was too negative to harness the cosmic energies, that they would consume and destroy him. Unfortunately, this turned out to be true. In the astral plane, Keiju encountered Eva, the Goddess of Destruction, and became infected with her cancerous energy. From then until his death, Keiju remained in a tormented delirium, and his frightful hallucinations were chronicled by Luminias. Following Keiju's death, Luminias sealed his writings within the Cave of Destiny, to be discovered by Luminaya in his current life. They revealed the location of the Trumpet of the Bear, symbolizing eternal slumber. But in order to obtain the trumpet, Luminaya first needed the Seal of the Eagle, representing the freedom of the soul in the place beyond dreams.

















Luminaya's Beloved. As an adult, she resembles her mother, Reina. Mila is musical, and a teacher as well. She plays the keyboard, and her talent is cruelly suppressed by the Nightmare King, Marchosias, who seals her Vishuddha chakra, rendering her deaf and mute. With encouragement from Luminaya, Mila is able to play her keyboard even so, and dispel Marchosias' curse.

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