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World (E5)



Look a little familiar? As I said, E5's world is very closely based on Earth, including its geography, monuments, and the culture of the people who live there.

E5 is planned to have a day-night cycle, taking E2's time progression system a step further. The difference between day and night isn't just activity in the towns, however. When the sun sets, the aurora borealis shimmers above the arctic circle, mysterious beacons project atop the pyramids, geoglyphs in the vein of the Nazca lines are illuminated, crop circles shaped like the Elemental Runes shine with an eerie light, and even the "Bermuda Triangle" glows ominously. Much like our own world, the world of E5 is one shrouded in mystery and wonder.

Further expanding upon E2's advances, E5 marks the return of the Party House... only this time, it's the Party Palace, because a simple house just won't do. While the houses in E2 were of rural, urban, and coastal varieties, E5 plays on the multi-cultural elements of this installment, presenting prospective locales such as a medieval castle, a desert casbah, and a far-eastern fortress. As in E2, each house (mansion, really) has its own unique decor to play with. In E5, each palace also boasts its own recreational activities, including horseback riding (based on the race in E2) and sandboarding. The fun and games aren't limited to the Party Palace, either. Other minigames can be found around the world, like skiing and surfing (a surfing minigame is also slated for E2).

As always, I aim for player immersion and sheer attention to detail. Furthermore, my love affair with history and, more broadly, cultural anthropology fueled my desire to do this world justice like no other. Again, E5 is a celebration, with all reverence, of the human race at large. Let us not forget our rich roots, for they are able to nurture our growth even now.


Even after my own time has passed, I hope E5 will forever stand as a testament to humanity's progress all along, with its ups and downs, slumps and strides. No matter how hard it may be now, never forget that we have risen from the ashes of our own defeat time and time again. Remember the Plague; out of it came the Renaissance. Remember your own personal triumphs; they are a microcosm for our collective achievements across the ages.

Everyone has an inherent beauty, something to share that can be found nowhere else. Find your beauty, and give it to the world wholeheartedly! Because that's what anyone who made a mark on history did, contributing their indomitable individuality as yet another fine stroke on Earth's glorious tapestry.


We need each other... and together, we can do this! That, more than anything else, is what E5 - and this series as a whole - is really about.

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