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Story (E5)

Battered, here I stand, on my last leg

Fighting for my land, with courage and pride all the way

For my own, I press on, and my life I will lay down

To the bitter end, my song I will sing, let it ring... Unity!

On Wald's 12th birthday, he and Leif, their mother Maeve, and cousin Alana depart on a cruise to Varisse. There, however, they fall into a trap and end up enslaved by the ruthless Captain Shanghai. At sea, they encounter the monstrous Euroclydon, who destroys the ship and disperses everyone.

Fortunately, Leif, Wald, and Alana, as well as their stow-away Leonardo along with Jacques and Shanghai himself, land in relatively close proximity to each other at the Shrine of the Siren, near Halcyon (Halicarnassus). Shanghai and Wald meet each other and explore the area, when suddenly Wald is pulled underwater by a giant octopus (Octoboss). Shanghai bravely jumps in, severing its tentacles one by one and saving Wald. Just when Wald realizes that Shanghai saved him, Shanghai reminds him that he's still Wald's captain, and not to forget it.


"Yes sir!" Wald enthusiastically salutes.


Soon after, they reunite with the others, meet the "Silent Siren" and receive their commission to travel the world, meet people, and learn about themselves and each other as they change from the inside out. They don't understand what she means at first, but they will before long...

As they approach Halcyon, Shanghai, now without a crew and relatively vulnerable, asks that the others refer to him by his actual name - Keanu. While they realize this would be the perfect opportunity to turn him in, he manages to convince them that keeping him around would be worth their while... he is, after all, a well-traveled swordsman.

With scholar Jacques as their compass, the group travels south to the desert nation of Irabi, then west towards Xandir, where they hope to find passage on a ship and return home. Crossing the sands, they collapse and are rescued by Khali, who sneaks after them as they enter Xandir. They just miss a ferry that's leaving port, so depart further west to Rococo, another port. From there they sail north and travel inland to St. Madrina (Madrid, Spain).

In St. Madrina, the group witnesses a bombing and subsequent rescue of victims by Baba's Girls. However, Baba and the girls are then arrested and tried on the grounds that they are frequently present during terror attacks, and thus implicated for them. It just can't be, so the party hears their story, breaks them out of prison, and they all flee the city together.

Further north, back in Varisse, they stay with Bruno while awaiting their next departure by ferry, but in the meantime Dalheim storms the city. Bruno discovers that his girlfriend Daisy is missing, and escapes through the catacombs with the others. Baba is sure that Dalheim is also responsible for Daisy's disappearance, and fears that she'll be delivered to the concentration camp.

Unable to return home by way of any western ports, the party travels south to Natalia, taking another boat east to Athenia. Heading far north, they arrive at Sovia, only to discover the harbor blockaded by Dalheim. Getting caught up in the insurrection, they liberate Sovia and open the railroad to the far east. The ferryman refuses to set sail for fear of Dalheim's naval mines and submarines, so the group has no other choice. Taking the train clear across the continent of Eurasia, the party travels southwest, passing through Honin to reach Diani (India). There they're finally able to purchase a vessel of their own, and set sail. From here, the story branches depending on what the player decides to do. It's possible to return home to Mailin, or venture to various other locales.

One possible destination is San Rico (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). From there, the party travels north to Laurentia (North America), meets Elyra, and awakens Vulcan from the Arctic Circle Cave in a series of adventures (and misadventures). Leading the charge in an aerial assault, they liberate Varisse, rescue Daisy, and learn that Varisse was invaded to contain incriminating information against Darvedra at a secret laboratory. Dalheim soldiers are hot on their trail, however, and storm the laboratory soon after they enter. The keeper (Quasimodo) tries to protect them, but is shot. The soldiers take Leif, as they compromised his blood test results just as they did for so many others, and deliver him to the concentration camp in Dalheim.

Leif has the opportunity to meet his father again while imprisoned there. As it turns out, Eric was captured during the war and made the psychic advisor of Darvedra once his abilities were recognized. As a soldier, he befriended Leonardo's father, but was manipulated into betraying and killing him. Darvedra took the Seal of the Phoenix, infusing himself with Leonardo's sacred blood so he could bear it. When Eric prophesied Darvedra's fall, he was thrown into prison. Eric helps Leif escape the compound, sacrificing himself to save his son from a poison gas chamber. On the other side of the steel door, Leif pounds with his fist and screams for his father, falling to his knees when he realizes it's too late.

Reuniting with the others, Leif learns that both Anglica and Celta have been bombed by Darvedra's air fleet. When he threatens to lay waste to the world with a blitzkrieg as his last resort, the heroes fly on Vulcan to launch a direct assault, and the Lemurs accompany them. Alana is heartbroken, however, when they sacrifice themselves to blow up the airship engines, bidding her farewell not as their majesty, but "Mama". Thereafter, she cries bitterly in Leif's arms. Alana returns to Lemur Island and finds an egg in the middle of the village. It hatches as she approaches, revealing two adorable baby Lemurs. Alana's heart melts, and she takes them home with her.

With Dalheim's resources utterly exhausted, the Sanguine Citadel stands defenseless. Witnessing therein the true horror of Darvedra's occult perversion, they do battle with the three cursed gods who were revived by the Bloodfeast offered to them. Finally, the party confronts Darvedra on the highest floor, and Baba pushes him out of a stained-glass window (depicting Eva, the main image for E7), sending them both to their death. At such a heart-wrenching loss, how are those that remain to bask in any sense of victory? Laying Baba to rest, they band together and begin to rebuild the world...

This is only a bare-bones synopsis, and many more side stories are detailed in the character bios and the gallery. There are more as well, which may be added at a later date.

O'er the hill rises a hymn, where my friends lay

Souls sing in unison, immortalized by stalwart faith

Here we stand, here we pray; hand in hand, loving always

To the bitter end, our song we will sing, let it ring... Unity!

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