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Music (E5)

 Title Theme

All of the title themes share the same instrumentation and are played in the same key, such that they serve as natural complements to one another, as well as presenting a unified progression throughout the series. This comes to its climax in E7...


Leif and Wald's hometown, also home to the landmark lighthouse known as the Star of the Sea. A remix of the title theme.

 Overworld (East)

Yet another remix of the title theme, used for the eastern overworld continents of Eurasia and Gondwana.

 Overworld (West)

The overworld theme for the western continent of Laurentia, and a variation on E5's main theme, United.

 Baba's Girls

The heroic theme of Baba's Girls.

 Town in the Tropics

Music for towns situated in the tropical regions.


Basically a prelude to "The Open Sea". Dad and I were just sort of playing around and it's a bit rough in spots, but perfectly captures the whimsical, adventurous spirit of E5.

 The Open Sea

Sailing the high seas! This was actually recorded in 2006, believe it or not, within the first five months of E1's development, along with "Breezing" from E3. I felt they were perfect for their currently-assigned roles, rather than using them for E1 at the time.


The tribe of Lemurians living on Mt. Tasha.


A nostalgic tune in the manner of a lullaby, intended for towns at night. The melody itself is a slightly modified version of the Lepido theme.

 Pretty Boy

A faster version of the Mailin theme that accompanies Wald's escapades at Chateau Lolin. This is also the name of the folk song sung by Maeve and Orfeo, though that would sound more like Mailin's music in terms of tempo and general tone.


The main theme of E5, performed by the same motley crew that brought you the cast roll in E1 and E3's alternate battle theme. I actually wrote lyrics to it, which can be found on the Story page (as well as lyrics for Pretty Boy, which is basically United backmasked).

 United (wind mix)

Solo version with yours truly at the keys.

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