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Class Changing 2.0


Alana and Wald as Taoists


The class system of E5 differs from that of E4 in that every character cannot assume every class, but rather a subset that best suits their disposition and/or their general occupation. Also, the classes themselves are not so much broad or typical RPG roles as in E4, but culturally-inspired personalities that complement the psychosocial leanings of each character.

Scuffler: A scruffy street fighter who can chain lightning-quick combos.
Intellectual: A genius who bores enemies to sleep (or death) with lengthy lectures.
Botanist: Mixes herbal concoctions, including chamomile to put enemies to sleep.
Squire: Flamboyantly-dressed knights-in-training with a flair for flashy combat.
Navigator: A world traveler who can easily spot secret passages and treasure.
Pirate: A swashbuckling seafarer who yells yo-ho-ho and wields a variety of swords.
Roleplayer: A wizard who can learn to use enemy attacks by witnessing them.

Medic: White-clad clinicians who administer both inoculations and lethal injections.
Raider: A desert thief who carries a canteen and commands sandstorms.
Pharaoh: A mighty monarch who calls upon ancient deities for powerful attacks.
Tamer: A warrior of the wild who captures and trains monsters.
Night Queen: A temptress of the dark who bewitches foes with intoxicating beauty.

Soldier: A trooper who summons tanks and aerial strikes with a portable radio.
Harlequin: A jester with a variety of tricks, such as breathing fire and water balloons.
Cleric: A more spiritually-focused healer and protector than the secular medic.
Gladiator: A brave fighter who wears heavy armor and uses many kinds of weapons.
Olympian: A legendary athlete who generates sonic booms with incredible speed.
Dark Lord: A rogue knight who calls upon the forces of darkness to do their bidding.

Merchant: A plucky trader who can spot hidden merchandise and summon shops.
Vizier: A magician with powers of teleportation, calling the djinn with magic lamps.
Paladin: A righteous knight who commands the mighty Five Pillars.
Dreamer: A prophet who turns their surreal dreams (and nightmares) into reality.
Alchemist: A pseudoscientist who mixes magic ingredients and conjures the phoenix.
Folk Dancer: A lithe and stylish performer who even dances with fire.
Cossack: A lively soldier who sings battle hymns and plays a deadly game of roulette.

Clairvoyant: A mystic who has access to a wide array of psychic abilities.
Astromancer: A practitioner of projection who calls upon astral entities for assistance.
Taoist: A specialist in energy balance who can evoke geomancy.
Ninja: A stealthy assassin who can summon Guardians like Inari and Kyubi.
Samurai: A feudal champion who can summon the Four Elemental Gods.
Neko: A magical werecat who unleashes feline fury with ferocious transformations.
Swami: A guru who invokes yogic disciplines to enhance their abilities.

Siren: A songstress of the sea who beseeches marine deities for aid.
Viking: A seafaring berserker who wields hammers, axes, and the power of the gods.
Aristocrat: A pampered prude who excommunicates those that don't suit their fancy.
Highlander: A bagpiping mountain warrior who dangerously dances with swords.
Leprechaun: A trickster who baffles adversaries with a variety of glitzy spells.
Caballero: A consummate gentleman with a festive fighting style.

Marcher: A cheery soul who supports allies with all manner of musical skills.

Maid: A servant who mops the floor with monsters, especially insects with pesticide.
Rebel: A leather-clad biker who hogs the road and runs enemies over.

Shaman: A spiritualist who has mastered a wide variety of elemental weapons.

Time Traveler: A mysterious individual with powers of spatiotemporal distortion.

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