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Like a Star of the Sea,
Lead Them



The fundamental focus of E5 is the concept of "change". This is reflected not only in the subtitle "Winds of Change," but also by the extensively planned class changing system, which is greatly expanded from its E4 iteration. Previous subtitles included "Sail on the Winds of Adventure" (far too unwieldy) and "Wind of Victory" (appropriate for this installment's wartime motif). In any case, wind has remained a constant element, yet always changing with the times, just as it truly does.

The vehicle by which this change is facilitated is a journey of self-discovery. While this theme is present in every installment, I personally feel it is most prevalent in E5. As the world is based on our own, the characters and their struggles are perhaps more relatable than before. I certainly can attest to this, but then again, I always did heap a healthy dose of myself into everything I do.

E5's origins lie in late 2003. Having broken free of the "trilogy trap" with E4 earlier that year, I was eager to expand my horizons. It developed very gradually over the years, with discrete revelations here and there. Two of the biggest expansions occurred in 2008 and even as recently as 2018. Its heartwarmingly personal plot might best exemplify the series' inclusive creed. E5 is more than just a story about a world filled with characters who feel. It's a celebration of human individuality, of the very world we live in and the wonderful diversity thereof; of history, culture, and community.

Any way the wind blows, this free-spirited rhapsody is sure to strike a chord. What will you find out about yourself as the cast discovers their own potential? Who you really are just might become a little more clear as a result of this journey... tread onward with an open mind, and the rewards will be many! The greatest treasure of all lies deep within your own heart, your own soul, just waiting to be uncovered. So don't be afraid... embrace yourself, come what may!

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