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Atop a lighthouse in the picturesque fishing village of Mailin stands the spirit of Maire in silent prayer, her ethereal hair blowing in the wind. Opening her eyes, she gazes with compassion upon the lone boy sitting at the edge of the old stone pier, staring out to sea and pained with unspoken longing. The appearance of three familiar seagulls brightens his gloomy countenance, and he reaches into his trusty handbag for feed. Then suddenly, three imposing figures loom behind him, bearing malicious intent in their hearts...

The second installment in the Couplet of Creation, E5 focuses on humanity and human civilization, with especial emphasis on history and culture. The world itself is based on Earth, drawing from various historical periods (including specific events and prominent figures, whether famous or infamous) rather than sticking to any single era. This could lend an air of predictability to the plot, but then again, things often don't turn out the way you think they might!

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