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The great continent of Mesomia covers half the world, and is comprised mostly of tall mountains with narrow valleys, which serve as trade routes between villages. Pictured here is the Leena Valley, home to the town of the same name, where Kai lives with his family and friends. The very southern tip of this epic landmass was briefly visited in E1 and E2, while its northern tip reaches Chavalia in E3. Finally, E4 focuses on the heart of Mesomia and the people who call it home.

Below is a list of several towns and villages of Mesomia, some of those who live there, and a few other interesting locations...

Leena: The town where Kai starts his journey. Far from being just a rural hideaway, it's a bustling little burg with cobble streets and multi-story townhomes, administrated by the good Mayor William. His wife, Reina, works as a schoolteacher, and their daughters, Mila and Rita, are loved by all (well, Kai isn't so fond of Rita, actually).

Mt. Aravoth: A barren mountain to the west of the Leena Valley. A curious old man with a long curly beard, Nimbus, lives in his airship on the highest peak, which he crashed into.

Ostros: A quiet riverside village at the foot of Mt. Aravoth, known for its waterwheels.

Kitsune Pass: A ravine that runs west of Ostros to Felldale. Mischievous fox-spirits called kitsune inhabit the pass, dwelling in a hidden village.

Felldale: A city of treehouses interconnected by rope bridges. Its inhabitants regularly compete in archery contests.

Dama: A modern city famous for its casino, run by a dashing young dandy known as Ace.

Monster Ranch: A humble establishment on the edge of the desert, far east of Dama. It's run by a lovely young woman named Yolanda and her hard-working brother, Japheth.

Forest of Dewdrops: A mystical forest where massive leaves rain endless droplets of dew, swathed in an enchanted mist. In the middle of the forest is an old mansion where a mysterious young girl named Angel lives.

Mannaquis: A military nation on the delta of southern Mesomia, from which the famous general Daigo McCoy hails.

Mt. Ostrica: A sacred mountain in the center of Mesomia, where the Ostrica Tribe makes its home. Legend tells of a sword forged from pure Vril energy, Christopher, that rests upon the summit. According to the myth, whoever holds Christopher atop Mt. Ostrica will draw the involution of divinity and attain godhood.

Cana: A theocracy secluded in the most remote reaches of Mesomia, led by Father Isaac. The acolyte Ezra and the Reverend Luther are among his most loyal followers, and as Isaac's time draws near, Luther hopes to succeed his authority... even if he has to use less-than-honorable means.

Nain: A growing community in the foothills south of Cana. Its infrastructure is headed by the young craftsman, Astor.

Velocia: A kingdom of "sky warriors" who ride great birds known as Velocia raptors.

Arafel: A snowbound kingdom in northern Mesomia. They were at enmity with their neighbor, Vilon, until one day when all the people in Vilon mysteriously died. Prince Asur of Arafel commands absolute authority over his people and is worshiped as a god.

Shrine of Candlelight: A monastery alight with hundreds of candles that glimmer in the smoky mountain peaks. There, the seven Shakti Sisters guard the great door beyond which lies the Trumpet of the Panther. They await the one who bears the Seal of the Sparrow to bring the Seven Flames of Hope, which are the Seven Spirits of God, to illuminate the giant menorah before the great door. Then, with the trumpet in hand, they must sound it from the top of Mt. Ostrica to summon the Archangel Michael, and the armies of Heaven, to do battle with the one who would exalt himself above God.

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