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Music (E4)

 Title Theme

A combination of both overworld themes, done in the signature style of the title music.

 Overworld 1

The main overworld theme of Mesomia.

 Overworld 2

The overworld theme after the Illumination takes over and Asur begins drawing the involution of divinity to himself. Neither of the overworld themes were ever perfected, so they're a little rough, but the basic concept is there.

 Village Theme

The music intended for quaint towns and villages like Leena, Ostros, and Felldale.

 Dama Casino

A playful little experiment Dad and I rustled up for Ace's casino in the city of Dama.

 Monster Ranch

A somewhat derivative piece conceived for the monster ranch. I myself asked my father to record this for my enjoyment. Even though it's derivative, I still think it's a cute little theme that suits its purpose. :)

 Shrine of Candlelight

The music at the Shrine of Candlelight. I toyed with various versions of this tune over the years, using different instrumentation including piano and the synth vox, but this is by far the most fleshed out.

 Asur 1

Just a little ditty to announce Asur's villainous presence. In the final product it would likely be expanded.

 Asur 2

Another version of Asur's theme, meant for his transformation into the "God-Eater" upon absorbing the involution of divinity and laying waste to the entirety of Mesomia.

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