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As stated, the region of Chavalia is situated at the northern end of the Mesomian supercontinent. It is comprised of the four western kingdoms of Jetzu, Galacia, Oque, and Halmarath, along with the three eastern kingdoms of Denmire, Lelindae, and Rakhan, and the Empire of Kelvan. The seven neutral provinces of Brachton, Rynn, Bolgor, Kenna, Myra, Lyrica, and Phile lie inbetween.

Recent disputes over control of Elemental resources have destabilized these alliances, however. Descriptions of each area follow below, in the order of their visitation:

Myra: A small island consisting of little more than the run-down port town of the same name, and a high mountain where the Stargate is rumored to be located. Conveniently, a rockslide has barred entry to the mountain, but some whisper that this is only a front for KSO officials searching the area with intent to claim the Elemental power in the name of Kelvan.

Lyrica: The city of music and dance, a popular tourist resort. To the northeast is a pitch-black tunnel where many have become lost seeking the treasure of an ancient underground city. The tunnel leads into the region of Phile, and safe passage is only guaranteed by not straying from the path of the fireflies that illuminate the interior of the cave.

Phile: A desert metropolis where a branch of KSO is located. In a narrow valley to the southwest is the old Jail Cave, formerly used to detain criminals. It is said that the prison became abandoned when fire and magma erupted from beneath, killing everyone inside. Mystics believe that a portal to the underworld exists there, and so it gained the nickname "Cave of Eternal Flames".

Lelindae: A kingdom by the sea, at the edge of the great Lelindaean plains. A terrible tragedy befell Lelindae when a KSO airship carrying hazardous material leaked over the city, infecting all its citizens. Lelindae was quarantined thereafter, with no aid given. Kelvan claimed it was an accident, though anti-imperials murmured that the act was deliberate, as Lelindae had previously declined to join the Kelvan alliance. No one knows what became of Lelindae or its inhabitants, as they dare not go anywhere near for fear of the contaminated environment.

Kenna: A small town on the cape south of Denmire.

Denmire: A walled mountain city that serves as a mining center and airship port. The presiding authority is Lord Denmire, half-brother of Kelvan's emperor, Midgadden.

Bolgor: A sparsely-populated frozen island. The ruins of a technologically-advanced civilization that predates even Kelvan lie buried in the snow drifts.

Oque: A city shrouded in darkness, home to an order of assassins.

Halmarath: An advanced civilization like Kelvan, drawing from the Element of Thunder to power their technology. Though allied with Oque, they want nothing to do with Kelvan.

Brachton: A rural community, home to a wagon station that offers transportation through Rynn to Jetzu, and to Shiloh and Galacia. Nearby is a mysterious stone garden that exudes Elemental energy.

Rynn: A great, dense forest, at the center of which is an enormous willow tree said to be inhabited by fairies.

Jetzu: An arid land of fighters and gladiators who fiercely guard the Cave of the Djinn, alleged dwelling place of the Elemental Guardian Marid.

Galacia: A snowbound kingdom of proud tradition high in the alps. They revere Ziz, Guardian of Air, and the castle is adorned with statues of griffins in his honor. Popular activities include skiing and ice skating. At the southern edge of the mountains lies the town of Shiloh. Deep in the pines to the north are the hidden villages of Dodokon and Arens (abode of the dwarves and elves, respectively).

Rakhan: A tropical island nation ruled by a queen of renowned beauty. The world-famous sweet treat, Rocky Rakhan, is manufactured here.

Kelvan: The dominant political entity in Chavalia nominally claims to advance human society through its studies of the Elements carried out by Kelvan Science Organization, but some question Emperor Midgadden's true motives (and even his sanity). The seaside resort town of Nire lies on its southern border, but recent surges in gang activity have deterred tourists.

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