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Music (E3)

 Opening Theme

Just a little piece for the very beginning, to mobilize the story. I always saw a "flyover" of the Rygu Kingdom, Esmeralda, showing the characters going about their daily business before their lives are suddenly turned upside-down. For the finish, we see Dia walking out onto her balcony and gazing skyward.


Intended for the night before their departure, this music was to accompany Lai and Nevena's conversation on the palace balcony. Lai's trepidation is quelled by Nevena's quiet assurance, though neither of them have any idea what lies ahead...

 The Overworld

This is, for all intents and purposes, the "main theme" of E3. And it was actually quite a latecomer, being composed in 2011. For years, I had a vague idea of what it should be, then my dad played this and I was like yes, absolutely, that's the spirit!

 Town Theme

Alternatively titled "Breezing," this was actually recorded in October 2006, early on in E1's development. Every now and then, my dad composed a song that I thought would be perfect for something in a future installment, and this is one of them. Besides, E1 ended up having plenty of music as it is...

 Dungeon Theme

One of those super-special pieces where I collaborated with my dad. And more often than not, my synth instrument of choice was the flute (specifically, the "soft flute"). Dad always said he liked the sound of the flute and guitar together. Though modest like all of these recordings, I personally think it's a masterpiece, especially the way it winds down to the end, and eerily appropriate for what it represents. I had messed with a prototype version of it by myself long before we recorded it together. My dad happened to hear it, liked it, and so here we are!

 Battle Theme (with victory coda)

Another collaboration, and quite an adventurous one, for better or worse... fittingly chaotic nonetheless, and slightly more ambitious than the regular battle themes in E1 and E2. If it wasn't already obvious that E3's got a "harder edge" than the first two, it should be after listening to this. As a bonus, I tacked on that cute little victory coda! ~.~

 Battle Theme (alternate)

And now for the real bonus... an alternate version, recorded at another time with some additional family members. As it's completely raw, our levels are way off, but hey. It was within this same setup that we recorded the rendition of the series' main theme that accompanied the cast roll at the end of E1.

 Cave of Eternal Flames

The lair of Fafnir, Elemental Guardian of Fire. It's quite similar to Ashe from E2, but throws in a couple variations.

 Nevena's Flute

A dainty little ditty that Nevena plays on the cape while the party is resting in Kenna. Dia wakes up early in the morning, hearing it, and rushes out to meet her friend in the rosy glow of the rising sun.

 Nevena's Flute (guitar version)

An acoustic adaptation that my dad made. I conceived this music as early as September 2003, and recorded an a capella version at that time. I still have it, but it's extremely embarrassing and I would never consider releasing it. :P

 Kevin's Fanfare

A simple fanfare meant to announce Kevin's glorious presence. Can't you just see him standing tall over Eilam's bullies? Maybe generating a Gigavolt Shockwave to send them packing!

 Kevin's Fanfare (alternate)

A softer side of Kevin. I can see this for that rainy day in Nire, when he opens up to Eilam about his past...

 The Aftermath

The Overworld music during the Aftermath, a "mission failed" scenario. My part is kind of drowned out at times, but I still really like it. Desolation turns to determination as the series' main theme kicks in and the cast bands together to give it one last chance. It's not over yet!

 Scene Music

Yet another dialogue accompaniment, this one had no specific appointment...


...Unlike this, which had a title at least. There isn't much to it, but it seems like it could have gone to some interesting places.

 Temple of the Watchers

Hence this expansion with altered instrumentation. After the base tune, it just goes into a variation of the series theme, but even so, I think you can get a great sense of the ancient history of the Rygu people from it.

 Dance of the Heavens

A short sample from Nevena and Dia's dance upon the Lunar Altar in Mondale. The two of them, symbolizing the stars and moon respectively, personify the beautiful unity of the cosmos in perpetual motion as they shuffle and shift between the lunar phases engraved beneath their feet. This allegory presents the focal point of E3, and the very heart of its theme. Of course, I envisioned a lot more for it, guitar accompaniment and some twinkly percussion at the very least...

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