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Gallery (E3)

Click on each gallery for dates and comments.


Warning: I drew Nevena a lot. 61 illustrations are included here, and their quality gradually improves (actually, it improves and then wanes somewhat toward the end). So just scroll backwards if you want to avoid the uncanny valley of my artwork. ;D



Believe it or not, Dia received even more attention, though this included a number of colorless sketches and experimental redesigns.



And here's a collection of images featuring Nevena and Dia together:



Kevin and Eilam's illustrations are grouped here:



Perpetua and Amita:



Amrit and Zavier:



Victor, Morey, Lovette, Ari and Ira:



Dexter, Grant, Aeril, Myrlia and Jin:



Koro and the rest of the cast, including supporting characters:



Lastly, a few notebook scans:

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