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The princess of the Rygu and chosen ambassador of the Prophets. From childhood, she has been tormented by nightmares of a terrifying apocalypse, and fears the Gate Crisis to be their fulfillment. She is shy and reserved, but full of compassion when the situation calls for it. Tense as well, Lai finds her only solace in watching the palace dancers perform. She persuaded Latona, her surrogate mother, to take in Nevena when she had nowhere else to go, and is almost seen by Nevena as a sort of mother figure. The cousin of Dia, the two of them have rarely had time to talk and actually get to know each other over the many years they've shared living in close quarters.

Lai's biological parents, Rory and Regina, mysteriously died not long after she was born. Her mother was considered barren, so Lai's very birth was hailed as an act of divine providence. She possesses the Natural Gift of the Heart Element, a gift from the Guardian Kirin which grants her healing abilities. Shortly after beaming down to Earth (or the "Overworld," as the Rygu call it), she meets Victor and the two begin traveling together. She is disturbed by the appearance of Victor's grandfather, Emperor Midgadden of the Kelvan Empire, who resembles the shadowy figure in her apocalyptic dreams. This causes some tension between Lai and Victor, though he is otherwise fascinated by her and perceives that she harbors some great secret with regards to her mission (not to mention her secret Rygu identity).




Adopted almost begrudgingly by the royal house of the Rygu as a young child, Nevena has grown up with Latona's daughter, Dia, and the two have become inseparable. Her father, Norvin, vanished after the death of her mother, Naomi, but she has inherited her mother's elegant dancing blade, Sakura, which she considers more of an artistic implement than an actual weapon (and moreover treasures it as the last remaining piece of her mother). This sensibility is reflected in other blades she wields, all of which are named after flowers: Narcissus, Gladiolus, Tiger Lily and so on. Nevena's own name means "Marigold". Her favorite activity is stargazing, and she doesn't miss a single night. She also plays the flute.

Curiously, Nevena produces an anxious response to the male touch, which could be indicative of early life trauma. Not typically keeping the company of males, this isn't usually a problem, but for Kevin who has his eyes on her and never misses an opportunity to say hello. She is bothered by this and wonders why her body has developed this maladaptive reaction, but is otherwise sweet and kind most of the time. The only male whose presence doesn't agitate Nevena is a Rygu boy named Eilam, and Nevena surmises it's because he isn't really "like a guy," which may or may not hurt Eilam's feelings...




Daughter of the Rygu noblewoman, Latona, and her husband Jove, one of the Watchers appointed to keep close tabs on humanity. Her full name is Deanna, which she considers too feminine for her, and prefers to go by the shortened Dia. She is named after the Greek goddess, Diana. Athletic and tomboyish by nature, she is rarely seen without her trusty staff, which she uses to accomplish all sorts of gymnastic feats. Nevena's best friend, the two of them met not long after Nevena was taken in. Dia considers their time together to be her only relief from her mother's strict regimen. Rebellious as well, she often shirks her obligations as an heiress of the Rygu to spend more time with Nevena.

Dia wears a jeweled collar that was a gift from her father. Her whole life, she has deeply yearned to know him, and sees her departure to the Overworld as her big chance... but she worries, wondering if he'll be pleased or disappointed in her. She is arranged to be married to Amrit, a pompous Rygu heir fostered by Latona, and hates him with every fiber of her being. Latona's imposition for Dia to appease Amrit is yet another reason why she finds the journey to the Overworld such an exciting escape from dreary reality. Another thing she hates with a passion is her mother's snobbish snubbing of "lowly commoners". Dia believes in sharing the wealth, while Latona preaches that social hierarchy has a place in the universe. It would typically be at this point when Dia walks out on her prattling mother to catch up with Nevena.




A timid and frail Rygu boy living in the slums of Esmeralda, capital city of the Second Firmament. Though he suffers trial and turmoil daily, working to his limits and until the point of sickness, he never loses his light and optimism. Eilam's mother, Celia, had a rare illness that took a turn for the worse after he was born, robbing her of the ability to walk. This illness was transmitted to Eilam during her pregnancy, and manifests asthmatic symptoms from time to time. During Celia's last days, Eilam's father, Athos, was at her bedside constantly until she passed away. Athos then lost the will to live, steadily deteriorating much in the same way Celia had. Eilam continues to care for his ailing father, tending to his many needs and often neglecting his own.

Eilam was violently harassed by the ruffians of the slums until one day, when Kevin stood up for him. He befriended Eilam, assuring him that he had nothing more to fear; that he would be protected and taken care of. Eilam was in awe of Kevin, feeling unworthy. Their friendship gave Eilam the confidence to meet others, like Nevena and Dia. As it turns out, Eilam's father had been friends with Kevin's father in their younger days. Could it be fate?




A Rygu warrior who can't stand injustice or unfair treatment of any kind. In Rygu form, he wears a ceremonial mask that doubles as a weapon for hand-to-hand combat (as he's equipped in the above illustration). This wearing of a mask is a customary rite of passage for male Rygu warriors as they enter adulthood. He is able to concentrate all of his bodily energy into a single fist and, after leaping high into the air, release the energy upon crashing down into the ground; a devastating technique known as the Gigavolt Shockwave, taught to him by his father Javed. If the energy is not released precisely at the moment of impact, it will backfire and kill him.

Kevin is something of a ladies' man, always followed by his admirers and unabashedly enjoying their attention. As a child, he would go for runs in the untamed wilds of the Second Firmament, his destination being a peaceful glade in the middle of the forest. One day when he arrived, he was surprised to find someone else there, a lone girl at that - Perpetua. He realized that she also must have braved the wilds as he had, and almost immediately they took interest in each other. When Kevin told Perpetua that he dreamed of becoming a knight like his father, she said that every knight needs a lady, and proposed to be his lady when the time would come. Kevin was so impressed, he couldn't refuse. It was a mutual promise they made to each other, but unfortunately, as they grew older, they took different paths in life and drifted apart.




A former task officer of the Rygu, now nothing more than a community servant. Perpetua had a troubled childhood and, as a teenager, was sent to the reformatory in Jedeleine. Expelled before long, she struggled for acceptance until becoming a task officer, eventually losing that position as well. To meet her in person, one would never guess that Perpetua has endured so much adversity in her life, as she seems generally easygoing. But maybe it's because she waits for the heat of combat to unleash her other side... Nevertheless, she cares for her younger sister, Amita, more than anything.

As a task officer, Perpetua was romantically involved with a compatriot by the name of Adlai. They argued frequently, and on one occasion Adlai canceled their date to meet an assignment. She grew bitter from that point on, refusing to give him aid on subsequent assignments. Tragically, Adlai lost his life, and Perpetua blamed herself. Not long after, Amita found herself in distress and, conjuring the anger she felt over Adlai's death, Perpetua overstepped her boundaries and was demoted. This, in turn, made Amita feel guilty, but Perpetua assured her that she had nothing to do with it, that Perpetua always had her own issues to deal with. But just what could be the root of all this aggression?



Amita (2).PNG

The younger sister of Perpetua, and one of the palace dancers. In actuality, they are half-sisters, though this is no impediment to their bond. More thoughtful than she might appear at first glance, she is on friendly terms with Nevena and Dia. Her strong desire to please and compulsion to ensure the happiness of her friends makes her a charming (if aggravatingly giddy) person to have around. She is not one of those chosen to descend to the Overworld, but being unable to cope with such, follows after the rest and, as usual, finds herself in a bind. But if Perpetua's not around to bail her out, who will come to her rescue? Amita's peculiar proclivity to throw herself into dangerous situations suggests an innate hunger for attention... then again, isn't that what any great performer needs?




The prince of brats, an egotistical elitist of epic proportions, Amrit is Dia's fiancé, and wastes no opportunity to rub it in her face. His favorite phrase is "I'm telling your mother!" If that doesn't make you want to smack his smug little mug, Amrit fuels Latona's disdain for Nevena by making up lies about her and Dia. He constantly taunts and chastises Dia for being unfeminine, all the while chuckling in his snooty way. Needless to say, Dia can't stand him, and gets back by equating his name with a certain breakfast item (hint: it contains eggs and other tasty ingredients). Of course, he also tattles about this. Clearly, Amrit has issues of his own, but he makes himself so contemptibly unapproachable that no one would bother getting to the bottom of it...




Yes, it's the same Zavier from E1. Seen here in Rygu form, he is a prince of the Rygu and arranged to marry Lai. While he always tries to make her feel comfortable about this, she tends to keep her distance from him for unknown reasons. He does not go to the Overworld, but remains in Esmeralda to preside over the Second Firmament.




Head of field research at Kelvan Science Organization (or KSO for short). He is the grandson of Emperor Midgadden. His mother, Michelle, died in childbirth, and he was cared for by his father Vincent during the first year of his life (fun fact: Victor and Vincent share the same etymological root). After Vincent was inexplicably murdered, Victor was adopted by Midgadden himself. He was raised along with the disturbed Stuart and carried many insecurities out of this unhealthy environment, though it rarely shows. But certainly Victor gives the impression of restraining his emotions... still water runs deep, and the cracks in his composure do occasionally evidence themselves.

As a scientist, Victor is irked by Lai's constant emphasis on hope and faith, preferring to put his trust in raw facts and data. The more they travel, however, the more he begins to realize that there may be more to the unseen realms than he previously thought...



Morey2 (3).png

A common thief prowling the mean streets of Myra. Morey plays a goofy act, but obviously he must be somewhat clever to do what he does. For his grand entrance, he robs Lai when she is momentarily separated from Victor in the confusion of a riot. Later, Nevena catches him stealing from Lovette's orphanage in Phile, and they get into a fight. When Morey grabs Nevena, she reacts with violent rage, terrifying him. After the catastrophe with Wyrgan in Phile, Morey is left with little choice but to tag along with the others in order to survive. Lovette wants to believe there's some good in him, but as far as Nevena is concerned, he's the worst of the worst. For what it's worth, Morey isn't too fond of her, either.




A passionate woman living in the desert city of Phile. Disowned by her parents for her indulgence in what they deemed to be heresy (the lore of the Elements, no less), she was taken in by a kind old woman known only as Granny. After Granny's passing, Lovette desired to pass on the same kindness that saved her life, and grouped together with other like-minded individuals to fund her orphanage. She rescues Nevena from exhaustion in the desert, and the two begin bonding almost immediately. Nevena is just slightly unnerved by little Timmy, one of the children at the orphanage whose short height offers him some captivating views in her presence.

Lovette's life takes a dramatic turn when terrorists unleash their genetically engineered bio-weapon, a lupine monstrosity known as Wyrgan, upon the city of Phile. She and Nevena are joined by Lai, Victor, and even Morey in their attempt to defend Phile (really, Morey is just chased by Wyrgan along the rooftops, though creates an apt diversion in so doing). Unfortunately, in the end, the entire city is leveled and they are the only survivors. Lovette is devastated by the loss of the children and joined by Nevena in her mourning. Over time, through much support, she is able to redirect her motivation and continue Granny's legacy of love.




Dexter introduces himself as a wandering poet who sings. "You mean... a bard?" Inquires Lai, though Dexter insists that term is "a tad outdated." Born in the quiet village of Shiloh at the base of the Galacian Alps, Dexter is himself the son of a traveling musician and the village songstress. The harp he carries was a parting gift from his mother, who died of a lethal infection from mortal burns she suffered in a fire, which Dexter came to believe was an act of arson. From childhood, he's dreamed of joining the Galacian Symphony Orchestra.

In his travels, Dexter finds himself in the dark forest north of the cape town, Kenna, purported by the locals to be inhabited by malevolent nymphs. Well, dashing Dexter decides he'd like to go sing for them. Naturally, this would prove a fatal error in judgment, but he is saved by Lai and the others as they pass through the forest on their way to the fortress city of Denmire in the South Barrier Mountains. Dexter proceeds to accompany them on their journey, taking particular interest in Lovette... but will she write him off as a hopeless romantic, or fall prey to his poetic charms?




A childhood friend of Dexter, Grant joined the Galacian army and rose to the rank of general, garnering what some considered undue preferential treatment from King Ulysses. When the kingdom of Oque expressed hostility toward Galacia, he was assigned to the northern border, where he and his troops were ambushed by a party of Oquian assassins. Falling unconscious from his wounds, he was nursed back to health by Aeril, a resident of the dwarven village of Dodokon. Aeril found with Grant the axe he wields, which belonged to his intimate friend Seth. When Grant realized that Seth was dead, he couldn't contain his emotions, and Aeril was astonished as she had never known a man to cry (growing up among the hardened dwarves).

Grant remained in Dodokon with Aeril and her grandfather Geija for a time, but when a dragon attacked the village, he found himself unable to retaliate as he had been traumatized during the aforementioned fire with Dexter as a child; surrounded by a sea of flames, he paradoxically froze. Aeril then revealed her gift of geomancy, the power to influence the forces of nature which she had inherited from her elven blood. Though she was able to fend off the dragon, Geija perished in the attack as a result of Grant's inability to act. Harboring much guilt, Grant took it upon himself to look after Aeril thenceforth.




Half-elf, half-dwarf, with sweetness mixed in the middle, Aeril is the granddaughter of the dwarf elder, Geija. Her mother, Aeron, was an elf who fell in love with Geija's son, Cathal. She inherits the elven ability of geomancy, a Natural Gift of the Earth Element. She kept it a secret until the dragon's attack on Dodokon, and when Aeril revealed herself, the dwarves considered her a witch and banished her from the village. Knowing they had never liked her anyway and only put up with her for Geija's sake, she left Dodokon with Grant who, unable to return to Galacia on foot, constructed a raft for the both of them to depart upon. They drifted to Kenna, and from there they traveled to Denmire, where Grant hoped to gain passage on an airship and return to Galacia. They cross paths with Dexter and the others in Denmire, and little do they know that their entwined fates are about to change forever...


Ari & Ira

Ari & Ira (1).png

Twin copilots of the Airship Hornet, Victor's personal vessel. Ari is fairly laid back, while Ira takes herself more seriously (and is particularly unaffected by Morey's pathetic attempts to impress her). Orphans from the frigid island of Bolgor, they were rescued from the streets by the well-meaning but slightly eccentric Albert, chief technician of the Hornet. When Victor secures Lai and her friends passage on the Hornet in Denmire, disaster strikes as it comes to light that the engine had been sabotaged by an Oquian assassin. Jumping from the Hornet with their parachutes as it crashes into a mountain and explodes, they are separated in the frozen wilderness of Bolgor. After all these years, Ari and Ira find themselves back home...




The queen of Oque. As such, Myrlia is one of the most hated people in the world... and also the most feared due to her rumored pact with Nyx, the Guardian of Darkness. She denies any involvement in the recent movements against Galacia and Denmire, claiming instead that Kelvan (namely, Midgadden himself) is responsible, attempting to instigate war on Oque and their sole ally, Halmarath, in order to usurp their Elemental powers. While the rest of the world sees Midgadden as a hero, Lai is intrigued by this perspective, as she also suspects Midgadden due to her dreams (or prophetic visions, as she considers them). But will Lai's identification with Myrlia unveil the truth, or only drive a further wedge between her and Victor?




Myrlia's personal sentry. As a child, he was kidnapped by the International Trade and fought as a gladiator for many years, wielding his fearsome bladed gloves. Living much of his life in captivity seemed only preparation for Jin's complete subservience to Myrlia. Lai is initially appalled by this apparent oppression, until learning that Jin was essentially saved from his grim fate as a gladiator by Myrlia. When Oque is bombed in retaliation for Lord Denmire's assassination, Myrlia and Jin join forces with Lai and company to seek the aid of Emperor Zan of Halmarath.




A Neko (werecat) of a tribe inhabiting the coniferous forests of Kelvan. Koro was captured by a clandestine branch of KSO spearheaded by the demented Stuart, and suffered horrible biological experiments at Stuart's own hands. He escaped the compound and returned to his tribe, only to discover that Stuart's genetic tampering produced an aggressive reflex, causing him to transform and go berserk. This incident left him with amnesia, and he awoke on the edge of Nire, a coastal resort town. He wandered the streets as a stray cat (Neko have the ability to assume that form, as well) before being taken in by a young girl named Penelope, one of seven siblings.

Koro gradually recovered his memories, including reversion to his normal Neko form (in secret, of course). He wanted to return to his tribe again, but Penelope was sad to see him go. Koro perceived her loneliness, that she felt neglected among her siblings. She had given him a bell-embroidered collar as a gift, and it rang continuously as he bounded toward the forest. But, stopping short and looking back, Koro realized that he couldn't forget Penelope, and returned to remain with her.

A year later, Penelope asked Koro to stay home while she and her family had an outing at the local mall, but he just had to sneak along (in "Shinobi Neko-kun" mode). He witnessed Penelope being harassed by gang members, and Stuart's implanted "berserk gene" kicked in (that was one memory he hadn't managed to recover). Koro underwent a nightmarish transformation, wreaking havoc and even injuring Penelope's brother Lenny in his blind rage. Nevena and Dia happened to be vacationing in Nire at that time and were fortunately able to subdue him, but the damage was done. For Penelope's safety, and the safety of everyone, Koro had to go. But he promised Penelope that he would never forget her... and she promised him the very same.

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