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The protagonist of "Elements: Soul of Fire," living on the island of Arean with his great-grandfather, Luminaya (whom he affectionately calls "Pappy"), his adopted sister, Leah, and Luminaya's apprentice, Joe. Leonardo's father, the legendary warrior Raven, left on a journey before he was born, and his mother, Ana, died shortly after his birth. Luminaya did his best to compensate for the absence of Leonardo's parents. As a result, Leonardo was often the center of attention, and became a bit self-centered. Little does he know that the fate of the world and all existence rests on his shoulders...


Leonardo's adopted sister. She lived on the island of Fiyara for the first several years of her life, enduring cruelty in prison after her family was killed. She was rescued by Luminaya, and the kind old man did his best to rehabilitate her. Even so, she occasionally shows signs of emotional instability as a result of her traumatic past.



A fairy who ran away from her home to escape the duties and strict customs that come with being one of fairykind. Normally strong-willed and rambunctious, her unbridled curiosity has gotten her into a whole heap of trouble, and she doesn't seem like herself lately...


An introverted young lady living in the kingdom of Alavon with her grandmother. Due to her eccentric behavior as a child, she's grown up without a friend in the world except for her pet pup, Kit. Encouraged by her grandmother, she has developed a degree of psychic ability and regularly has prophetic dreams.



A spirited young man who's grown up among forest animals. Trained by the Behemoth of Land, Pluto, he is a competent swordsman and has quite the way with women (or so he'd like to think). He claims to be the lost prince of Alavon, but who can say if it's really true?


A renowned sage of Alavon, often away on evangelistic journeys. Ezra's spiritual talents include the ability to perceive auras and the power to perform exorcisms. His other assets include a brightly burning righteousness and an overwhelming sense of justice. Perhaps his only drawback is that he can be rather judgmental at times.


A knight serving in the royal army of Alavon. Gallant and noble, Maximus finds fulfillment in protecting the weak and innocent. He's somewhat short-tempered, however, and often speaks without thinking. But you'd go a long way to find anyone more loyal.


The elegant and beautiful princess of Alavon, Esther is timid and shy but harbors a passionate heart for the world and its people. Unfortunately, she has been sheltered, and knows little of the ways of life outside the castle. If only someone could be the wind beneath her wings...


An enigmatic rogue who aimlessly roams the Alavon countryside, trying to escape an anomalous anxiety in his heart. Boaz is cold and crass, caring little for the feelings of others. Shrouded in black from head to toe, he gives the impression of having a complicated past...


The leader of a rebel faction within the imperial city of Fiyara. At a young age, Ryota was forced to take the reins of the rebellion, and has had little time for anything else. Since he was a boy, Ryota has been tormented by the mysterious disappearance of his father and the troubling rumors that surround it...


Spunky Luna is Ryota's sister. She was born with a curious power that allows her to levitate and move objects telekinetically. In keeping with her nature, she often uses her powers to make mischief. She routinely grates on her brother's nerves and giggles at his reactions, but maybe she's really trying to get something else out of him...


Humble Sybil lives in and maintains the upkeep of the historic temple in the village of Ikory, also having taken care of the ailing Mother Lutia until her passing. She takes pleasure in serving others and being of assistance in any way she can. Sybil was born with the ability to heal by faith, which was recognized by the nuns of the temple very early in her life.


Son of the great pioneer John Haine and his wife, Hester, Trevor leads the "Haine Posse" in search of the Promised Land. Due to an undisclosed tragedy in his childhood, Trevor has difficulty trusting anyone, especially "them strangers." His inner turmoil even puts a strain on his relationship with his brother Nathan.


Trevor's younger, more thoughtless brother. All his life, he's inadvertently relied on Trevor to save his neck from life-threatening situations he rushed into without thinking. Does Trevor resent this? Nathan doesn't seem to care; all that matters to him is the thrill of coming back from the brink and setting off on a new adventure.


Nalin hails from a humble little village on Hobo Island. A seasoned tribal hunter and warrior, her people depend upon her for sustenance and protection. For thousands of years, her tribe has warred against the "great lizards" of Hobo. She's the type who would do anything for a friend, even at her own expense. Nalin lives with her father Itzachu, whom the non-native settlers of Hobo call "Eagle," as well as her best friend Erin and Erin's little brother, Elias.


Kind-hearted, nature-loving Erin is Nalin's best friend. She's interested in the medical application of herbal aromas, and so studies herbs. Along with Nalin, she takes care of her troublesome little brother Elias. Even though she may appear calm and serene on the outside, Erin may be dealing with some internal conflict...


Impulsive Elias often gets himself into dangerous situations, only to be rescued by his sister and Nalin time and time again. Is this a deliberate or unconscious repetition of trauma? Is Elias seeking something he lacked getting from his parents, who died when he was just six years old? That's for you to decide...


Karma of Mesomia possessed the power of necromancy from a young age. Due to the stigma surrounding this dark art, she was often a victim of prejudice. Karma herself is a bit dizzy, and not at all the sinister sorceress some would have you believe her to be. Not that she isn't frighteningly powerful... just that she'd rather harmlessly philosophize than usurp one's life force as a catalyst for her experiments.

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