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Thank you!


From Void Moon: "Hey Nikki? I'm Void Moon from twitter (If you remember me lol). I see you stopped using twitter, so I was wondering how to contact you. Could you please reply to my mail? I reaalllyyy want to know who uses the Dragon Claws I got from Nino Bay! lol"

So glad to hear from you. Of course I remember. :)

Yeah, I kinda botched Twitter. Oh well. Thanks so much for getting in touch! The Dragon Claws (in E1) are used by Reuel, who is the last character you'll recruit, on Behgar Island. If you keep them for him, they'll be his best weapon at that point, or you can sell them for lots of money instead.


From Meatch: "Hi! Noticed the discord server got nuked, whatever is happening I hope it isn't too serious :0 If it is then I hope you get well soon, friend."

Thank you so much, and sorry about that. I closed it not only due to inactivity, but I had been dealing with garbage elsewhere (Twitter) and took it all out in one fell swoop. Maybe it was paranoia, and maybe it wasn't the best decision... but if you're reading this, I'm so grateful for your support and interest. If you choose to contact me again, you can provide an e-mail address for more efficient correspondence if you want (I won't put it here, of course). Thanks again, and I very much appreciate your kind words.

From Chandan: "Hi, I know you are pretty busy, however, I am stuck at the part where I have the boat but do not have the ship to venture out in the deep sea. Please can you make a guide for people like me like you have for Episodes 1-3? It may be a short one just as a simple walkthrough. I see in the steam forums that many like me are struggling. Thank you in advance."

Hello Chandan, thank you for getting in touch. Unfortunately, as the future of the E2 project is unclear, I don't feel terribly motivated to work on another walkthrough. Moreover, as you observed, I'm quite involved with other things at the moment. But I'm always happy to provide assistance on a case-by-case basis. The situation you described is very broad, however, and constitutes a large portion of the game.


Generally, after getting Hamati's sailboat, you need to sail east to Behgar Jungle, where you'll recruit Raya. After getting Raya, you proceed deeper into the jungle to Maia's Garden, where you'll fight Lupe. After defeating Lupe, you sail south to Mt. Golgotha and Castle Dragonheart. I wrote a partial walkthrough of Castle Dragonheart for someone on the Aldorlea forum. After you leave there, you return to Fiyara and proceed north into the desert, and that leads into Episode 5. You get the ship in Glymac at the end of Episode 5, and that's the end of the current content.

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