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"Greater works than these, you will do..."


What of their descendants? What of the other Saints?

The full story has yet to be told...


A mysterious little girl. An insidious plot to resurrect a great evil. The legend of a faint and fading Hope. And a band of young heroes desperate for answers.


Fans of the original will discover enhanced gameplay, a more beautiful world, a deeper party system, and darker mysteries.


To everyone else... welcome.




- Join an all-new cast of characters and unravel a bold and boisterous plot!


- Discover a re-imagined world overflowing with side quests, daunting challenges and hidden secrets!


- Fall in love with yet another tear-jerking soundtrack from the heart of Kenny Zink!


- Buy and decorate your very own Party House!


- Craft weapons, armor and even jewelry!


- Capture monsters, add them to your party, and receive rare items as gifts in return for your affection!


- Acquire perfect knowledge of your enemies via the comprehensive Enemy Encyclopedia!


- Build your friendships to learn new skills and devise powerful Combo Attacks!


- Develop your Attributes carefully to maximize your stats... or utterly ruin them!


- Schedule your plans around the new Weekday system, wherein Elemental powers fluctuate and environments change with the passing of time!


- Turn the action down a notch with the new, approachable Easy Mode... and then right back up if you so desire!


- Unlock an extensive Sketch Gallery complete with concept art, developer commentary and background information.


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