Soul Catapult

~ July 9, 2021 ~


Sylvester, man of many faces


Looks like I decided to keep my promise of only updating this site in "J" months, after all. I was getting so fed up just posting stuff about Haine... I've been focusing more on my Facebook page recently, including the addition of Elements series art and other information. Stop by if you like, maybe even be my friend if what you see doesn't absolutely terrify you.


I'm, erm, sort of in the process of "opening up," if you will, and have been for some time. In my opinion, my personality was always evident in my work (just look at how colorful and cutesy the party ball, monster feeding, and compatibility interfaces are), though I was in denial. And when you're in denial, you blind yourself to certain things.


Anyway... here's to tomorrow! E2 remains on indefinite hiatus, but I'm not totally closed to the idea of resuming work on it someday. :)

~ January 19, 2021 ~


Horse race! The apples speed you up, while the land mines set you back.


Howdy, partner. Welcome to the wilds of Haine, site of the longest developmental drought in history. I had this race in mind for a very long time, and was happy I could bring it to life despite the few snags I hit during its creation. Hope to have more to report soon! ;)

~ November 29, 2020 ~

Sorry if I sounded a little flat in that last update. It was actually quite nostalgic to compile the gallery for E3... the emotional waves hit me when I first started putting together the character page, listening to the same music as I was when I originally created the drawings (around 2004). Those were some of the best years of my life, and it shows in my work.


I still want to do the same for the other installments, and I still want to finish E2. I have done a tiny bit of work on it, but nothing truly substantial. However, I'm always thinking of fun new features and other enhancements, like the ability to toggle overlay effects on or off with the press of a key, and bronze/silver/gold medals for the Party Ball records:



When you obtain gold medals, Chibi will confer special awards, like the Chicken Award for running from lots of battles, or the Butterfly Award for conversing with lots of townspeople. Each award holds a special function; for example, the Butterfly Award lets you negotiate with enemies and completely avoid encounters if you so choose.

I would love to be updating this site with stuff other than darn Haine. That was part of my frustration before... someone just casually visiting could get the impression that Elements is a Western or something. Maybe someday soon, that will change!


~ September 7, 2020 ~

The E3 Gallery is finished. Yay.


~ August 30, 2020 ~

Added Lai, Nevena, and Dia to the Gallery for E3. Also added the Epilogue to its Story page, and a few lines of introduction before the first paragraph. I had always planned on these things and only just now remembered them... am I ever glad!


~ August 21, 2020 ~

E3's World and Story are done, so all that remains is to slap up the Gallery page... then I can finally go crawling back to E2. >_<; It's possible that I could add some of the screenplays I wrote, but they'd need reformatting, and that might be a big pain. "Galacian General Grant," in particular, consists of over 250 KB of pure, raw text... and believe me, that's a lot of text! The entirety of E3's Story page, as-is, amounts to 50 KB for comparison. That would be on the "small" end of my old writings.

Well, if nothing else, this venture has taught me that the never-ending variety of game design is the only life for me! Even so, I don't think it's a bad thing to have a website to showcase my work, since the games themselves take so long to make. I may come back and update the other installments' sections in the future. If you'd like that, be sure to let me know! :)


~ July 28, 2020 ~

Just quickly updating to say that only the World, Story, and Gallery pages remain for E3. About, Features, Characters, and Music are already active. I've been publishing as I go along without saying anything just to save myself the inconvenience. Doing this has made me miss game development a bit, so I guess my ingenious strategy is working after all. Ha ha ha.

Of course, some stuff might not make sense without the context of World and Story (like references to locations and events), so... I'll get back to you on that. ;P


~ June 25, 2020 ~


The song of my own heart

The floodgates are open! Slapped up (very) preliminary pages for each installment in the story... more to come at any time. You will finally see for yourself the crazed passion that has driven my existence to this very day. Expect oodles of heart-rending biographies, some of my own intimately personal anecdotes, and lots of intelligent reading. Each subpage will be updated as I see fit, and I'll let you know if there's anything new to report right here.

And now I want to humble all that I am and thank the two people who always stood by me, who never stopped believing in me: my whole world, my everything, my mother and father. I would have no one, I would not have made it without their unconditional love and support, their warm kindness and loving acceptance. Thank You, God, for giving them to me.


I love you, Mom and Dad! I hope I can continue to make you proud with all that I do.

~ June 20, 2020 ~


This is me, talking to myself

So I've decided that I'm only going to update the site in months beginning with the letter J from now on. Just kidding. I apologize for my absence and I'm honestly not sure anyone still cares, but... evidently, some part of me does.

I do have a couple new screenshots to post, though nothing terribly exciting, especially after all this time.


You want her in your party, don't you?


Tatiana doesn't seem too thrilled.

I was feeling strongly like I wanted to do more with this site. Just because progress on the actual game of E2 has been slow shouldn't mean everything else must be brought to an absolute halt. Like I wrote on the History page a long time ago, the message of my work is relevant at this time, and that it's been held up is frustrating.


I was thinking of releasing some Archival information for "future installments," including stories, character profiles and artwork. Because I have so much more to say, so much more within me to express. To confine that expression to the current installment, especially within a dry period could be counter-productive, and quite possibly the reason for said drought in the first place.

I've created a Contact page (that probably should have been there all along), so if you would, let me know what you think.

~ January 9, 2020 ~




I'm sorry I haven't updated the site in so long.

I've written a piece explaining the situation.

You can read it here.